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How To Make Your Gated Community More Safe

Are gated communities a threat to public safety? Maybe you are worried that your gated community is not secure enough. You moved into a gated community for that extra layer of protection, but maybe you are beginning to feel unsafe. There are many things that can be done to ensure additional security for everyone living […]

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The Benefits of Having a Security Guard for Your Gated Community

What can a security guard do for my gated community property value? This has been a question that most gated community owners have been asking. As it stands, many property owners don’t attach any value to the security guard in the gated community and seek other security means, such as motion cameras. Here are some of the […]

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Security Patrol in Gated Communities

The world feels like a very dangerous place to many people. From the near-daily stories about shootings to common street crime, it all feels like things are a lot more volatile and unpredictable these days. This is why we at┬áMohave Security┬átake our job so seriously. Those who reach out to us are often interested in […]

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