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The Role of Unarmed Security Guards

Anyone who owns or manages a residential building with multiple residents will want to ensure they offer a safe and positive experience. One way that they can offer a good overall experience is by hiring security guards and other professionals to help manage and protect a residential building. If you are considering hiring a residential […]

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What Role Does a Security Guard Play?

What are the duties and responsibilities of security officers? Maybe you are inquiring for yourself because you are thinking of becoming one. If you are considering becoming a security guard, you should be aware of their duties to help you make your choice. After all, you want to be sure that you are making a […]

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Security Roles and Patrol Types

Security jobs cover an assortment of different patrol types and security roles. Depending on the job and its related duties, the type of guard you are and the steps involved in your patrol can vary greatly. This variety is a good thing as it makes for a diverse profession with many opportunities to find work as a […]

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