Secured Gated Communities And Their Property Value

Gated communities are neighborhoods of detached single-family homes that are designed to give residents a sense of privacy and security. These neighborhoods are also usually a better fit for families with children as they tend to have less trafficked streets and can offer more amenities. Several studies have explored the housing price premium produced by gated communities. Generally, they show that these neighborhoods are worth significantly more than non-gated subdivisions.


The safety and security features offered by secured gated communities contribute to their property value. Whether you are a resident or an HOA manager, securing your gated community is essential. You should have security alarms, motion detectors and CCTV installed to improve the safety of your property and the community as a whole. Another way to promote safety is to hire security officers. These on-duty police-style officers can monitor access points at intervals and help deter crime in real time. Gated communities are often the target of opportunistic thieves, and the presence of these professional security officers is a strong deterrent to criminals. They can also provide a valuable service to residents who need assistance with their gated homes.


Amenities and services are an important part of any property and secured gated communities are no exception. These perks can make your life easier, improve your experience as a resident and increase the value of your property. There are many different types of amenities, including basic ones such as air conditioning and heat, but also wellness focused and social amenities like gyms and swimming pools. Amenities can be divided into two general categories: public and property-specific. The value of an amenity varies from community to community and class. This is primarily based on a number of factors, such as competitor offerings, quality, location, renter preferences in the market and seasonality.


Many homeowners choose to purchase a home in a gated community for the privacy and amenities it provides. These communities usually offer golf courses, tennis courts, panoramic views and swimming pools, all of which are only accessible to residents. Unlike traditional neighborhoods, gated communities often don’t have a lot of traffic, which means that strangers are less likely to walk through the neighborhood. This decreases the chances of opportunistic crimes such as vandalism, purse snatching and trespassing. This decrease in crime helps secure the property value of homes in gated communities. It’s important to note, however, that not all gated communities offer the same level of security.

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When people live in secure gated communities, they tend to bond closely with their neighbors. This can lead to a sense of community, which is especially important in age-restricted or expatriate communities. Often, gated communities also have common areas, parks, and gathering places for their residents to enjoy. These shared spaces can be used for family and friend gatherings, community yard sales, block parties, or other fun activities. This sense of community contributes to the property value of secured gated communities. The sense of community offered by gated communities is something that many homeowners desire, and it can be a great way to boost your home’s value when you sell it.