How to Choose Between Armed and Unarmed Security Officers in Mohave County, AZ

The decision to hire armed or unarmed security officers in Mohave County, AZ is an important one. At Mohave Security LHC, we can help you make a good decision depending on your security needs and location. However, people still have questions or may not know how to weigh these options effectively. In order to guide you further, here are four factors to consider when determining the level of service you require from us:

  • Threat level: Start by asking why you require security guards. Higher crime areas require heavier security considerations, including armed guards. If you had employees experience assault or heard of similar incidents near your site, armed guards may be a good precaution. The same is true if your business contains valuable assets that would be difficult or impossible to replace. However, if your area is fairly safe and you only require an authoritative presence to prevent crime, you may do better with unarmed guards. The same is true with events. If all you need is security to control intoxicated patrons or discourage bad behavior, unarmed guards are usually more than adequate.
  • Atmosphere: There is a chance that the presence of armed guards may be off-putting to your employees and customers. If you are located in a dangerous area, armed guards may offer reassurance. Taking that step, though, will seem like overkill if there are nearly zero violent incidents in your area, as the presence of armed guards may lead to general feelings of unease. Also be aware of overkill if you are seeking security for events. At weddings, concerts and large parties, you mainly need a deterrent for bad behavior and a way to remove people who drank too much. Unarmed guards are usually enough under these circumstances, while armed guards are unnecessarily intimidating. You want to maintain a festive atmosphere and not make guests feel like they are at a prison camp!
  • Your budget: Since armed security guards must undergo extensive training, hiring them is more expensive. You have to weigh whether the threat level justifies their presence. If feelings of unease are more likely under the circumstances, you could conceivably lose business from the presence of armed guards, so you need to consider those impacts, too. That is another reason to consider the overkill factor: your approach could create unnecessary feelings of danger that could affect your bottom line. If you can manage with unarmed guards, this is likely the best way to go.
  • Insurance: Due to their training, armed security guards are not a serious liability risk. You are more likely to create a claim due to unruly clients than due to the presence of our security officers. However, your insurance policy or terms of your indemnity bond may see this differently and place limitations on outsourcing security. Review your policy to see if the presence of armed security guards could increase premiums or lead to denied claims. If there are any questions, contact your insurance company immediately.

Mohave Security LHC offers armed and unarmed security guards in Mohave County, AZ for events, construction sites, commercial parking lots and other places that could require a presence. Call us today if you need additional security support.

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