Get Ready to Beef up Mall Security During the Holiday Season

Traditionally, Black Friday has been the kickoff for the holiday shopping season. Hordes of people will wait for hours outside of a store or mall to get the best deals on all of the latest popular gadgets and gizmos. People will continue shopping like madmen (and women) until they’ve got all the gifts they need for their friends and families.

With increased crowds comes an increased need for security guard services in Mohave County, AZ. Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to hire one or more of our guards to oversee your mall this year.

Shoplifting prevention

Some people never seem to get the memo that the holidays are supposed to be a time of giving. These bad eggs will rob you blind during the holidays. They see opportunities to take items when there are tons of people in the mall.

If you’re a shop owner, it’s impossible to keep an eye on everyone in your store and also do your shop keeping duties. You have to man the cash register and/or help customers find items. Even though you may have security cameras to watch for shoplifters, they won’t help catch a thief once he or she has stolen something and run away. Best case scenario, you hire a security officer (or two) to watch over your shop and the guards prevent a theft before it starts. Worst case scenario, a shoplifter steals something and the security guard catches him before he runs away.

If you operate an entire mall, the threat of shoplifting during the holidays is increased exponentially. Each shop in your mall is a target for thieves. If shops don’t hire their own extra security, it’s up to you to make sure they stay safe. It’s always a good idea to hire a few extra security guards during the holiday season to roam around the mall and keep an extra eye on suspicious looking people.

Crowd control

Every year on the news, there seems to be tons of stories of people getting in fist fights while holiday shopping. It’s absolutely insane that people will get into altercations over something as trivial as shopping, but that’s just the way it goes!

One of the best ways to prevent fights or even riots from breaking out in your mall or shop is to hire security guard services in Mohave County, AZ. Our trained security officers will be able to calmly diffuse the situation before anything too ridiculous happens and the police have to get involved. There’s nothing worse than having to call 911 and having to temporarily cease business.

Parking lot control

How is it that there are never enough spots for all the cars at the shopping mall? You always end up driving around for an eternity to finally find a spot. This problem is always worse during the holidays when everyone in town is at the mall. A security guard can work to direct cars in the mall parking lot during busy times of the day, thus mitigating the chance for a fight between shoppers.

If you’re ready to have a peaceful holiday season, contact us at 928-855-5442 today to hire one or more of our expertly trained security officers to watch over your operations during this hectic time of year.

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