Qualities That Make for a Great Security Guard

When companies hire security guards, they expect to get a certain type of person for their investment. They’re paying for security, peace of mind and more, which means the person filling that role has to bring a special set of qualities and attributes to the table. Simply put, not just anyone has what it takes to pursue a career in security.

Thankfully, many of the ideal traits of security guards in Mohave County, AZ can be learned. In fact, with the right focus and proper training, you can become a well-qualified security professional. All it takes is an emphasis on some very important skills:

  • Good communication skills: Security personnel need to be master communicators. Whether it’s talking a hostile person out of a physical altercation, or preparing a report of the incident, communication is key. Being able to speak clearly, write diligently and convey the finer points of a message are the top skills any security guard needs to succeed.
  • Alertness and awareness: Knowing what’s going on around you and what the status of a situation is at any given time are paramount. Security professionals need to have a keen eye for everything around them. Knowing which faces don’t belong, what’s out of place or what’s happening can mean the difference between an incident and a crisis averted.
  • Ethics and honesty: Security guards in Mohave County, AZ need to have grounded morals and a clear center to succeed on the job. Not only are they being put in a position of power, they’re often given access to sensitive materials and information. Being honest and acting with integrity is always expected of a security professional, and one who exhibits these traits is sure to be successful.
  • Adaptability: If the situation around you changes, you need to change with it. Rarely are things the same day after day. Being able to roll with the changes around you and adapt to the challenges they bring is what mold great security guards. This includes being able to do what’s asked of you by the customer.
  • Fitness and wellness: Whether it’s walking the perimeter around the site you’re guarding or lifting heavy objects, physical fitness and overall good wellness are cornerstones of a well-off security guard. You should be able to jog and run with relative ease, lift heavy objects and endure even the longest shift without letting down the customer.
  • Decisiveness: Being able to make decisions is important in many instances. Do you approach a suspicious character and question them? Do you check a certain area of your worksite, even if it’s not on your agenda? Being able to make decisions decisively means succeeding in security.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a security officer? Check yourself against the traits above and see how you stack up. If you think you fall short, remember that practice makes perfect! Keep in mind the many duties of a security officer and prepare yourself physically and mentally to meet and exceed those challenges.

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