Does Your Neighborhood Need a Patrol Service in Mohave County, AZ This Holiday Season?

Feeling secure in your home is incredibly important, but it can be difficult to have peace of mind if there have been issues with crime in your neighborhood. Vandalism, theft and other crimes can cause residents to feel uneasy and pose a risk to people in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, police departments are often understaffed and have limited resources available to respond to low-level crimes. This problem leads many neighborhoods to begin looking for ways that they can safeguard their communities on a regular basis, and that’s where patrol service in Mohave County, AZ comes in. Hiring a patrol service can offer a variety of benefits for the whole neighborhood, so it’s worth considering whether it’s the right choice for you.

Considering neighborhood security

Communities that have strong neighborhood associations often have an easier time getting the community to sign off for neighborhood security. If your neighborhood is considering hiring a patrol service, it is likely that you have already experienced problems with crime or security concerns.

It’s a good idea to gather members of the community together for a meeting to discuss the issues that have been occurring and determine what the best course of action is. During this meeting, you should bring up the idea of hiring a patrol service in Mohave County, AZ, to see what the rest of the neighborhood thinks about it. Some neighborhoods prefer having armed guards patrolling the neighborhood, while others feel more comfortable with unarmed guards. You can choose the option that works best for your specific circumstances. If people seem receptive to the idea and they want to pursue that option, it’s time to start thinking about how to make it happen.

Hiring a patrol service

Actually funding a patrol service can be the biggest hurdle for communities to overcome. Thankfully, neighborhoods with associations can often find space in their budget for patrol services. Allocating these funds can be done during a board meeting, and many neighborhood associations often find that hiring a patrol service is a good use of funds.

Even if your community does not have an association, there may be other options for funding. Some communities find success with crowdfunding campaigns and other creative options. When your neighborhood determines that it wants to pursue hiring a patrol service in Mohave County, AZ, it’s important that you look for the right company. You can speak to neighboring communities who have hired patrol services to give you recommendations on which company you should go with.

If your neighborhood determines that hiring a patrol service is the right choice, contact Mohave Security LHC. For years, our family owned and operated security service has been providing clients with quality patrolling and private security that they can rely on. We offer a variety of options, including armed and unarmed guards, so that we can tailor our services to your specific needs. We are licensed, bonded and insured to give you peace of mind. For any questions about the services that we provide or to get started with us, simply give us a call today.

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