Does Your Business Need Armed Security Officers in Mohave County, AZ?

If you own a commercial property, it’s up to you to provide security for the business and a safe environment for its employees and patrons. You want to protect it all, but what’s the best security option for you? Have you considered hiring trained armed security guards? Below is some information to help you decide whether your business needs armed security officers in Mohave County, AZ.

The difference between armed and unarmed security

While searching for the best security guard company for your needs, you’ve probably come across the terms “armed security” and “unarmed security.” You might have a general idea of what this means, but what are the key differences between the two?

  • Unarmed security: An unarmed security guard doesn’t carry a firearm, but may have non-lethal weapons like a taser, baton or pepper spray. This type of security is a popular choice for businesses when the risk of a threat or a crime is fairly low, including (but not limited to) school campuses, gated communities and concerts. Unarmed guards offer a sense of security without making people feel uneasy that guns are close by.
  • Armed security: An armed security guard generally carries a weapon that is considered lethal, like a gun. Armed guards are common in settings that are considered mid- to high-risk for crime, including banks, courthouses and jewelry stores. These individuals are highly trained and skilled in firearms usage. Most security officer firms require their employees to pass rigorous courses and tests to ensure everyone’s safety.

Benefits of armed security

Whether your business can benefit better from armed or unarmed security guards is a matter of what level of protection you think is needed for you, your employees and your clients or customers. Below are a few benefits of armed security guards:

  • More training: Armed security guards get the same training as unarmed guards, but generally receive additional and continual training for the proper use of their weapons. They are tested by the security firm they work for, and are usually required to abide by state mandated standards for firearms certification.
  • Surveillance monitoring: As a part of their extensive training, armed security guards may learn how to properly use high security alarm systems and video monitoring systems for businesses. Many unarmed security guards do not receive this kind of additional training. If your business has either of these surveillance systems installed, your business’ armed guard will be able to operate and monitor it correctly.
  • Effective crime deterrents: Security video cameras are great for lower-risk business settings, while some higher-risk settings can benefit from real life armed guards patrolling the area. Additionally, a physical security presence is an effective criminal deterrent, because criminals prefer easy marks, which often leads to fewer crimes occurring in and around businesses with visible armed guards.

For more information about hiring highly-skilled armed security officers in Mohave County, AZ to patrol your business, contact the team at Mohave Security LHC. Our armed and unarmed personnel are trained to guard a wide range of business types, events and venues!

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