How Do I Become a Security Guard in Arizona?

As long as you’re 18 years old and eligible to work in the United States, you have the right to work as a security guard in the State of Arizona. Unfortunately, actually getting a job is not quite so simple. You can’t just walk up to a security guard company and receive your uniform. The Department of Public Safety requires an individual to go through quite a long process before he or she is eligible to work as a guard. If you’re interested in eventually becoming a security guard, the following post will help guide you through the process!

Application process

Just like with any job, all security guards in Mohave County, AZ have to fill out an application. Unlike most jobs, though, this application is with the Department of Public Safety—not with the employer itself. Here is everything that will need to go with your application:

  • Proof of ID: You will need to submit a passport-style photograph in color, along with a copy of your driver’s license or passport.
  • Military: If you have military experience, you’ll need to submit a copy of your certificate of release.
  • Fees: Becoming a security guard isn’t free. All applicants must pay a fee either by cash, money order, cashier’s check or agency check. Those applying to be an unarmed guard must pay $72 at the time of application. Of this, $50 goes towards registration and $22 is for fingerprint processing (more on that later). Armed guard applicants owe $122.

If you originally apply to be an unarmed guard but wish to upgrade to armed guard status, you’ll have to submit another application along with proof of employment and verification that you’ve passed a firearms safety course.

Background screening

The first step after application is passing a fingerprint-based FBI background check. Obviously, there are automatic disqualifiers for anyone with a criminal record, as well as some noncriminal disqualifiers.

Felony convictions are automatic disqualifiers. However, there are cases in which candidates can still apply to be a security guard if the felony crime was committed in the very distant past. Misdemeanor crimes, while not as severe as felonies, also disqualify candidates if they occurred in the recent past. Again, there are some special circumstances in which someone with a criminal record may still move forward with their application if they prove themselves in front of a board of officials.


All of our security guards in Mohave County, AZ are highly trained professionals. After all, they could be responsible for protecting your life in some situations! The Department of Public Safety takes training courses very seriously, so as to properly prepare all future security guards on the job. Training includes everything from use of force all the way to information about grooming and the uniform. Basic procedures are taught, as well as how to proceed in an emergency situation. Rest assured, no stone is left unturned during this rigorous training course!

We’re now hiring for day and night shifts, so reach out today if you’d like to become a security guard for Mohave Security LHC!

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