Five Reasons Why Communities Should Hire Patrol Services in Mohave County, AZ

The area where you live is your community. Whether you live in a close-knit neighborhood or not, you should want everyone to feel safe in their own homes and while participating in community events. And just because your street hasn’t had encountered much crime to date doesn’t mean break-ins or property vandalism will never happen. To achieve a true sense of safety and security, your neighborhood might want to look into the benefits of investing in private security guard services. Why consider this?

Below are five reasons why communities should hire professional patrol services in Mohave County, AZ:

  • Discourage criminals: The easiest targets for criminals are places that are unguarded. Most criminals won’t waste their time on a home with security around the property, especially if they see a security guard on patrol. When you hire security guards for your neighborhood, criminals will think twice before doing anything due to the fear of being caught.
  • Prevent vandalism: Residential vandalism includes all kinds of property damage and destruction—for example, graffiti on walls, vehicles or the siding of homes, or rocks thrown through glass windows for fun. Most property vandalism happens during the daytime when people are not home, or at night when people are less likely to be awake. Security patrol personnel can keep an eye out for troublemakers, keeping your home and neighborhood safe around the clock.
  • Stop loitering: Loitering is a big problem in some neighborhoods. This is when someone hangs out on a property or in an area they are not associated with for an extended amount of time. Loitering is often combined with other activities that are not appreciated by residents, such as smoking, drinking, selling drugs or engaging in sexual activity in public. If you’re fed up with loiterers, hire a patrol service!
  • Fast response: A community security guard gets assigned to your area to patrol the streets and property to make sure everything is as it should be. Depending on the agreement your neighborhood has with the patrol service, your guard may be around only during typical business hours, in the evening, when community events take place or 24/7. When you have a guard on duty, they can respond to emergencies and act as first responders, and may even be able to take control of the situation until the police arrive. They can also verify that a false alarm is indeed false to avoid unnecessary panic.
  • Better security coverage: Home security cameras work well, but usually only to a certain extent. It’s unusual for every house in a neighborhood to have security cameras installed, which is where patrol services come in handy. They are on foot or in a vehicle patrolling your whole neighborhood, not just planted in one spot like a camera.

Feel free to contact the team at Mohave Security LHC for more information about hiring patrol services in Mohave County, AZ for your community. We would be happy to walk you through your options and help you choose the right service for your needs.

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