op Four Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Patrol Services in Mohave County, AZ

Security guard services can do a lot of good for your business, but only if you choose a security company that’s both professional and accredited. If your organization is considering hiring security guards, then the following information is for you! Below are the top four mistakes businesses should avoid when hiring a security guard company for patrol services in Mohave County, AZ.

Mistake #1: Letting the company tell you what to do

It happens more often than you’d think—security companies telling their clients what to do, never asking the client what’s important to them or their opinion. It’s advised you sever ties with any security company that doesn’t listen to your needs and concerns. This is the kind of company that decides right out of the gate that they are going to do things their way instead of what the client wants. Remember, the best and most reliable security guard companies understand the importance of advising clients of the ideal direction in which to take their security plan. They will also not ignore suspects. It’ll be their nature to contact the proper authorities no matter the type of suspected criminal act.

Before hiring security patrol services, make sure the company will listen to you and want to get to know your business, as well as understand the impact their services have on a business. Your business security plan will likely fail if the security company doesn’t listen to you.

Mistake #2: Not checking their reputation

No matter what you hear from references or read on websites, always check a security guard company’s reputation before making contact—and definitely do this before hiring anyone. Hop online and research different companies. Read reviews from past and current clients, and check out professional business social media pages. Another great resource for insight into a business’s reputation is the rating given to them by the Better Business Bureau.

Mistake #3: Their security is not focused on crime prevention

Be sure you understand what services are offered by the security company you want to hire. Services often range from armed and unarmed guards to foot patrol—just check that they are trained to focus on both handling altercations and preventing crime. The right company for you will be able to assess any situation, react to breaches and other suspicious activity and suggest new ideas to prevent future crime on the premises. However, you don’t want guards that are too aggressive—while prevention is key, aggressiveness can result in lawsuits.

Mistake #4: Going with the lowest bid

As when hiring for any professional service, you should take the time to get a few bids for the security services you need. Gather your bids, then compare each company’s price. The price range should match the quality of the security services being offered, so be wary of a company that bids way lower than everyone else.

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