Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts for an Unarmed Security Officer in Mohave County, AZ

Whether you own a retail store or a warehouse, protecting all of your goods and products is a top priority. Hiring unarmed security officers in Mohave County, AZ is one of the best ways to keep your property secure, but it is necessary to make sure you find the right personnel for your particular security needs. To gain a better understanding of the characteristics you should look for in a security officer, follow along with this list of some of the do’s and don’ts of security professionals:

  • Do: In order to do their job effectively, security guards will need protective gear that they feel comfortable in and can maneuver with ease. They will also need other practical items, such as heavy-duty gloves, if they will be spending a good portion of their shift patrolling the outside of a building during the winter months. A working flashlight is another essential tool for any security guard, as they will need optimal visibility at all times.
  • Don’t: Security guards are on their feet for long periods of time, and wearing cheap boots while doing so can lead to back pain and sore feet. If your security guard is to perform at their highest level for their entire shift, don’t skimp on quality footwear.
  • Do: Regardless of the type of facility or business a security guard is protecting, it is vital that they are alert and aware of everything that is going on around them at all times. Even if there are other security measures in place, such as an entryway that is reinforced with a metal detector, they must still pay attention to everyone who is entering and exiting the premises.
  • Don’t: Even when working the graveyard shift, security guards should never sleep while they are on duty. Security guards will need to make sure they remain hydrated, sufficiently nourished and occupied during their shift so that they can maintain a heightened awareness level.
  • Do: For added peace of mind, conducting a background check on a potential security officer is a good idea. Always check their references to verify that they don’t have a history of stealing or committing fraud against past employers.
  • Don’t: If a thief were to take off with stolen goods, the security guard might have to give chase, and may even have to scale walls or fences to run them down. Hiring a security guard who is not fit would ultimately be ineffective, and a security guard should not be considered if they don’t meet the necessary health requirements for the position. In the same way, a security guard with poor eyesight would be a liability in many situations and might not be the best fit for your security needs.

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