Know About Gun Safety Before Hiring an Armed Security Officer in Mohave County, AZ

If hiring an armed security officer in Mohave County, AZ seems like the best option for your needs, but you aren’t too comfortable being around guns, consider learning about gun safety. This is one of the best things you can do to get a better understanding of something that makes you uncomfortable, followed by contacting a security guard company directly for more in-depth detail.

Below are the most important rules of firearms safety that everyone wanting to hire armed security guards should know:

  • Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction: Loaded or unloaded, a gun is never to be pointed at anything the user doesn’t intend to shoot. For one thing, the gun could go off unintentionally—you could fall while carrying it, your finger could pull the trigger on accident or there could be a bullet still in the chamber even though the clip is out. Since the accidental discharge of a weapon can happen when loading or unloading a gun, injury can more easily be avoided as long as the muzzle of the gun is pointed in a safe direction.
  • Unload guns when putting in the safe or not in use: The only times a gun should be loaded are when you’re at the shooting range and ready to fire at a target or you’re on the job. Armed security guards are trained in the proper use and handling of firearms, so if they are carrying a gun on their person, it’s likely loaded. Talk to your chosen security guard company about their rules for gun-carrying officers.
  • Don’t rely on a gun’s safety mechanism: Many firearms have a button or switch on the side or grip of the gun that, when activated, locks the trigger. The gun cannot be fired for as long as the safety is engaged, but that’s not to say that firearm safety mechanisms cannot malfunction. Even if you have the safety on, always keep your finger off the trigger until you actually intend to shoot. Armed security guards go through regular training to ingrain this crucial rule and all others into their brains and muscle memory.
  • Clean guns regularly: Anyone who owns a gun should not only know how to shoot it, but how to clean and maintain it as well. This includes everything from simple exterior wipe-downs after coming back from the range or being out in the field to performing thorough inspections for damage. Also, a firearm is only useful if it fires properly when you need it to. Frequently check that all parts are in good shape, springs and pins are lubricated and the inside of the muzzle is clean and clear of debris.
  • Store firearms in a gun safe: No matter if you own a gun for home protection or for your job, lock it in a gun safe whenever you’re away from home or not using it. This is how you ensure safety and security, and keep it from being stolen in the event of a break-in.

Got questions before hiring an armed security officer in Mohave County, AZ? Feel free to contact Mohave Security LHC to learn more about how we train our security personnel!

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