What Type of Security Guard Do I Need?

It’s no secret that we live in uncertain times. It can sometimes seem like the world has never been in worse shape, and we want to be able to say that we’ve done everything we can to guarantee the safety of our families and our property. If you’re starting to consider private security services to keep an eye on your home and land, there’s a number of things you should take into account before you dive in.

Hiring a security guard in Mohave County, AZ can be a daunting proposition, and we’ve pulled together some tips to help you figure out what type of service you need and how it can best serve you.

Unarmed security

Unarmed security guards in Mohave County, AZ are one of the most attractive options for many of our clients, and they could make sense for you too. Unarmed guards undergo around 40 hours of training in most states, and are trained in both customer service and deterrence, so you can be confident that all people around your property are treated courteously but with diligent observation. They’re also trained in first aid and AED/CPR, providing an added degree of expertise that can help protect your family.

Armed security

Sometimes, an unarmed security guard might not be enough for a property owner. Perhaps you live in a high-crime area or just want the added level of protection. Armed security guards in Mohave County, AZ can offer this degree of protection thanks to their extensive training that ensures efficient and effective guards. They undergo significant background checks before being hired, so you know you’re getting the highest caliber of security guard. They are focused more on deterrence rather than customer service (as opposed to unarmed guards), so be sure to consider what type of business or property you need to protect.

Nightly car patrols

A roving patrol service in Mohave County, AZ can be an enticing prospect for many property owners for a number of reasons. It is a versatile service that essentially boils down to a nightly car patrol that lets people know your property (and their actions) are being watched. It gives you the appearance of security, and this deterrent is often all that’s needed to stop crime, as it causes potential criminals to reconsider their actions. These patrols are also known for having quite a bit of mobility, so they can cover ground easily. Finally, they can function as mobile command centers, giving security guards the ability to quickly access everything they need to keep the peace and ensure the safety of your property.

When it comes to hiring a security guard, there’s a lot of research you can do, but you ultimately need to trust your instincts. Fortunately, the team at Mohave Security LHC has been in the business for over a decade, so we have the expertise to answer any questions you might have about your security needs. Give us a call today—we’ll be happy to introduce you to the cutting edge of home and business security.

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