When to Consider Using Armed Security Guards

Hiring a security service to protect your business or community is one of the best investments you can make. Security guards keep your property safe and help give everyone some much-needed peace of mind. However, having a uniformed guard stationed isn’t always enough. Sometimes you need to employ an armed security guard in Mohave County, AZ. Keep reading to learn more about hiring armed guards.

Your business is in a dangerous area

The top reason to station an armed guard is if your business is located in a crime-ridden area. Having an armed guard on-site can prevent all sorts of crimes, both violent and nonviolent. The best part is that the guard doesn’t even need to use his weapon to prevent a crime—just seeing an armed guard is enough to make most criminals think twice.

Other area businesses use them

Other businesses in the area having armed guards is a pretty clear indicator that you’re not in a great area. So, if you’re the only business in the neighborhood without an armed security guard in Mohave County, AZ, it’s time to consider hiring one! Additionally, being the only business without a guard could set you up to be a target for criminals.

Your employees don’t feel safe

Employee safety should be your top priority. If your workers don’t feel safe coming in to their job every day, it’s time to make a change and hire an armed guard. Be sure to talk to your employees to get a sense of how they feel about having an armed guard on-site, as some workers might feel a little uncomfortable having someone with a gun near them.

You’ve been threatened

Having to let an employee go is never an easy thing to do, and unfortunately, ex-employees don’t always take being fired so well. They may come back and threaten you, your business or other employees with violence or other harm. If that’s the case, we recommend hiring an armed guard. Knowing there’s an armed guard at your business is often enough to prevent a disgruntled worker from doing anything drastic.

You have expensive products

High-end retail stores are often the target of criminal activity, especially if the criminals know the business doesn’t have an armed guard. If you think customers might be afraid of seeing someone with a gun, you might consider only having an armed security service in Mohave County, AZ come in at night. After all, many crimes happen after dark when nobody’s around the store.

You store important data

Sometimes, criminals are after more than just products—they want sensitive data. If your business stores private information, such as Social Security and credit card numbers, hiring an armed guard is something to consider. The last thing your business needs is a data breach.

Choose Mohave Security LHC!

Hiring a disreputable armed security service in Mohave County, AZ can be worse than not hiring one at all. That’s why you should choose our professionals at Mohave Security LHC. Our guards have years of training and on-the-job experience, so you can rest easy knowing your property is protected from anything and everything.

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