Keep Your Cannabis Dispensary Secure!

This November, Arizona voters approved the legalization of recreational marijuana. While the state will benefit significantly with the 16 percent cannabis tax, marijuana sales remain a big business. That is why a roving security patrol should be a priority for your new cannabis operation. Here are six tips on preserving cannabis dispensary security in Mohave County, AZ:

  • Perform background checks: Arizona is fortunate in that it can learn from states that legalized marijuana earlier. One unfortunate issue in dispensaries is employee theft. Dispensaries operate as cash-only (due to federal regulations) and contain inventories of valuable products. When you hire employees, perform background checks to minimize the risk of bringing in people with bad intentions.
  • Invest in armored transport: The combination of selling a valuable product and being limited to cash-only transactions is a significant security risk. Whether you are moving cash or product, invest in armored transport. If you travel through any questionable parts of the city, consider hiring armed security guards to operate armored vehicles. That decreases the risk to retail employees and better ensures that the product reaches its destination.
  • Lock up: In Canada, storage areas must be locked and subject to controlled access, meaning an employee needs a key and a code to access products. This double-locking system is a good idea for any dispensary. Consider enacting a probation period for employees before giving them access to storage, or limiting that access to managers. That reduces the chances of employee theft and keeps money and products safe.
  • Install a security system: Your security systems should include controlled access, cameras, video surveillance and intrusion alarms. Invest in the highest-quality video possible for your budget, and consider a system that records sound with the video. Remote monitoring is also vital, even if you hire 24/7 security. These systems are mandatory under regulations, but they also offer peace of mind.
  • Ask around: As mentioned above, dispensaries in other states learned lessons the hard way as this industry grew. Ask around your network to see what types of security threats arise and how other businesses addressed them. You may learn of problems you never anticipated or find a good deal on a security product. Learning from others’ experiences can make a big difference in your security plan, so take advantage of those resources.
  • Hire security patrols: You need this technology, and you need to take precautions, but the live presence of a roving security patrol in Mohave County, AZ makes a big difference. People will think twice about stealing from you if a security guard patrols your parking lot and alleys and visits the inside of the store on occasion. This deterrent can prevent crimes in the first place and help your dispensary continue business as usual.

If you open a dispensary, security is your largest investment, so make sure you hire the right company. Mohave Security LHC is ready if you need a roving security patrol for your Mohave County, AZ dispensary. Our patrol services are well trained and more than prepared for the unique needs of cannabis dispensary security. Call us today to schedule a security assessment.

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