Risks Your Business Site Faces During Off Hours

Few businesses are open 24/7, which means you need good security services in Mohave County, AZ. The last thing you want to do is leave your business—and all its goods—unprotected. With many businesses temporarily shuttered during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a lot easier for thieves to break in and make off with your inventory, electronics and more. Here are some of the risks your business faces during its off hours, and how good security can help protect you.

Your late-night workers are at risk

Keeping your employees safe is one of your duties as a business owner or manager. When you have employees working late shifts, or after hours, they’re at risk. Depending on where they work and what kind of services they provide, you might only need a security camera. If your business is open to customers at night, however, security patrols in Mohave County, AZ are always a good idea. Plus, they can walk your employees out to their cars when they’re done, which lessens the possibility someone will be robbed or assaulted in the parking lot. The safer your employees feel, the better a job they’ll do—and the better you’ll sleep at night.

Third-party vendors may not be as conscientious as you wish

Many businesses open their doors to third-party vendors, like cleaners, food and beverage suppliers and more. If you have outside companies working in your building after hours, they may not exercise the same kind of care and conscientiousness that you hope they would. It’s all too easy to accidentally let someone in who claims they’re an employee of a trusted partner, but is actually there to cause harm. Having security services on the premises will ensure that your business, your employees and your vendors will stay safe no matter what time of day it is.

Your unoccupied building is an easy target

Buildings without a visible security presence often look like easy targets—because they are. Even the most sophisticated alarm system available still requires police or security services to show up. That can take precious minutes when your property is already in harm’s way.

Today, many businesses are unoccupied or otherwise unusually vulnerable, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Crimes of opportunity abound when no one is physically present. Security cameras only help so much. Unless you spot the unlawful activity while it’s in progress and the police show up in time, most of the time, they’re only useful for evidence after the fact.

Disasters can still occur when the store is closed

Finally, your business can still experience disasters like fires, earthquakes, storms and more when you’re not around. A security officer might not be able to protect your building from everything, but having someone on hand is still a good idea. They can help escort customers and employees to safety, call the police or fire department and take other emergency measures.

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