Proactive Steps to Make Your Parking Lot Safer

One part of your business that may not be as safe as you think is your parking lot. The fact is that parking lots are often a target for criminals. From auto theft to property damage to robbery, there are a range of threats people face when using your parking lots.

Thankfully, you can protect your parking lots by hiring a qualified roving security patrol in Mohave County, AZ. There are several different ways to make your parking lots safer and to show customers that you care about their safety. Read on to find out how to make every part of your property as safe and secure as possible.

Incorporate the latest security technology

Using the latest technology is one way you can get ahead of criminals. Today’s tech includes everything from motion detection sensors to video cameras to advanced alarm systems. Coupling this technology with reliable security guards will mean a fast response to any crime taking place in your parking lot.

Bring in security escorts

Hiring a reliable private security firm means you’ll receive a certain level of customer service. That includes guards walking people to their cars in the parking lot if for whatever reason they don’t feel safe. This also applies to staff and employees who would feel safer being accompanied by a guard.

Utilize a secure waiting area

Customers and employees may occasionally be waiting outside your business. In these cases, it’s a good idea to use a designated secure area where they can wait for a ride to arrive. This allows your security team to keep an eye on one specific part of the property.

Keep the parking lot well lit

The larger your parking lot, the more light you’re going to need. This is key in everything from security patrols to using video monitoring. If you can’t see all parts of the premises, this allows criminals to operate with less fear of detection.

Have employees leave work together

Employees may be the most at-risk group in terms of security, as they tend to leave after everyone else, and potentially late at night. If you schedule employees to leave work in groups, this will act as a natural deterrent to crime in your parking lots.

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