Becoming a Security Guard: A Career Guide

Are you considering a career in security? Becoming a security guard is an excellent career choice for many people, though there’s a lot to know about the job. Not only is a security guard responsible for monitoring an area, but they may also have to speak with law enforcement, interview witnesses and even testify in court. Landing a security job requires certain skills and some level of training. Read on to learn about the ins and outs of becoming a professional security guard.

Common security guard duties

Before trying to become a security guard, it’s best to learn about all the duties and tasks that go along with the job. Security guards are there to watch out for theft, workplace violence and other incidents. Jobs sometimes require a security guard to stand in one place or patrol the halls. Some jobs involve monitoring a property through closed-circuit security feeds. Either way, watching out for theft, intruders and other potential problems is one of the main jobs of a security guard.

Security guards need good documentation skills, as they will often have to log their daily activities as well as any incidents that occurred during their shift. Other common security guard duties include checking security alarms, communicating with local law enforcement and performing routine inspections.

Landing that first job

One of the first steps in starting a security guard career is landing your first job. This process usually starts with filling out an application online or in person. On this application, be sure to list any skills, accomplishments and experience that may pertain to the job. This might include communication skills, customer service skills and public safety knowledge.

If your application looks good, someone from the company will call you in for an interview. Most people find it beneficial to practice their interview beforehand to ensure they’re properly prepared. After a successful interview, you’ll have to undergo a background check. All that’s left after passing your background check is completing some on-the-job training.

Security guard training and education

Many people choose to invest in a higher education program to make their applications stand out. There are several degree programs that might impress hiring managers, including a criminal justice associate’s degree. You’ll often find that most security guard positions don’t require a higher education degree, but do require completion of a training program.

These training programs usually take place after hiring and can vary depending on where you live. Most of the time, these programs teach skills in the areas of crowd control, theft prevention and more. Some programs also require their security guards to be CPR certified. Additional training is required for armed security guards.

Security is an attractive field to get into. There’s plenty of job opportunities, and the work is often fulfilling. If you’re interested in becoming a security guard, you’ll need to be prepared for all the duties that go along with the job, and with the right training and support, you can go a long way.

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