The Benefits and Cost Effectiveness of Having a Condo Security Guard

Whether the community is large or small, condo and apartment complex property managers have a lot on their hands. One thing that can’t get lost in the shuffle is the community’s safety.

Hiring a team of security guards is the best way to protect your property and keep your residents at ease. This post will cover a few of the top reasons to have an on-site security team:

  • Security teams prevent crime in the first place: Just the mere sight of a security guard is enough to make many bad guys think twice about committing a crime on your property. After all, criminals look for easy targets—and that’s not what they’ll find when they come face to face with an armed guard.
  • Security guards are trained to act: Apartment security guards can reduce the risk of crimes by up to 60 percent, but there could still be some trouble in your community. When that’s the case, your security guards will save the day. Among other duties, security guards can hold suspected criminals while waiting for the police and analyze security footage to help catch a criminal.
  • Security services raise property value: Hiring a security team isn’t free. However, it can be thought of as an investment because it raises your property’s value. It’s not unreasonable to charge more for rent or raise your condo fees if you have on-site guards. Additionally, the presence of a security team will help deter any troublesome tenants.

How much do security services cost?

Although it is an investment, property managers want to know how much they’ll need to pay for on-site apartment security guards. These are a few of the factors that play into the cost:

  • Size of team: Larger complexes and communities will need a larger team of guards to patrol the grounds, so it’ll be more expensive. Smaller buildings can often make do with one or two on-site guards. Talk to your security professional about how many guards you’ll need to keep your property safe.
  • Armed vs. unarmed: Hiring armed security services typically costs more than hiring unarmed ones. Unarmed guards with basic training charge anywhere from $15 to $20 per hour or more. Armed guards, on the other hand, cost at least $30 per hour, but with that added cost comes greater peace of mind.
  • Location: Security guards in bigger cities usually charge more than those in smaller towns. Not only is this because there’s often a higher crime rate, but big cities have a higher cost of living. So, if your building is in a big city or in an area with a high crime rate, expect to pay more for your security service.

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