Safety Tips for Security Guards

Security guards are here to protect a business’s customers and property from harm. In doing so, they can put themselves in dangerous situations. Luckily, if guards are aware of their surroundings and follow some established safety measures, they can keep themselves out of harm’s way.

This post will cover what a security guard should not do as well as what a security guard should do to protect themselves while they’re on the job:

  • Vary your route: The first tip on how to stay safe if you’re a security guard is to change up your patrol route. Criminals are known to track a security guard’s movements and ambush them before committing an illegal act. By changing your walking or driving pattern, you can avoid getting injured while you’re on patrols.
  • Wear protective clothing: Security guards in particularly dangerous areas may need to wear protective gear to prevent bodily harm. Wearing a bulletproof vest, stab vest or other body armor might be necessary while you’re on the clock. Just be sure that the equipment fits comfortably and doesn’t restrict movement to ensure you’re able to perform your role.
  • Be familiar with safety measures: Security guards need to be fully trained in all sorts of safety and security measures. Learn what to do in the event of an injury, fire or a break-in. Additionally, make sure you know how to detain a suspect as you wait for the police to arrive.
  • Know your working environment: Another tip on how to stay safe if you’re a security guard is to know the location you’re working in. Make sure you know where all the stairwells, doors and exits are. Additionally, make a habit of taking wide turns when walking around a corner to mitigate the chance of being ambushed by a bad guy.
  • Utilize security equipment: If you want to keep a location and yourself safe, you should ensure CCTV cameras and an alarm system are installed. These security devices, along with walkie-talkies, help alert security guards if a would-be troublemaker is on-site before the security guard runs into them.
  • Check your patrol cars: Guards who work on a mobile patrol team need to check their vehicles before each shift. Look for signs of car trouble like fluid leaks and make sure all tires are properly inflated. Failing to do so can lead to injuries and a slower response time if a crime is committed.
  • Call for help: It’s tempting for some security guards to step in and try to save the day on their own, but you need to know your limits and contact law enforcement officers or paramedics in many situations.

Does your business need a security guard?

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