4 Reasons Marijuana Dispensaries Need Armed Security

With cannabis legalization on the rise, along with theft and vandalism, it’s important for marijuana dispensaries to consider how they could benefit from extra security measures. While marijuana laws vary from state to state, the built-in risks of marijuana dispensaries remain similar across the nation.

For those who own marijuana dispensaries, security measures should not be taken lightly. Strong security measures include more than simple security cameras or no trespassing signs — employing security guards may be helpful and necessary for keeping marijuana dispensaries safe and free from crime. 

Professional armed security can seem like a drastic measure, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your dispensary, products, and the people who work and shop there.

The Built-In Risks of Marijuana Dispensaries 

Marijuana dispensaries come with several unique risks, unlike other stores such as corner stores or even liquor stores. Because many banks will not allow marijuana dispensaries to open accounts with them due to the federal laws against possessing marijuana, many dispensaries can only accept cash as payments. 

Obviously, large sums of cash are more valuable to criminals looking to steal for their own monetary gain. This leaves marijuana dispensaries vulnerable to burglaries and theft.

Marijuana products are also low profile with high demand. Small products are easy to slip out of the store for thieves. Since the street demand for marijuana remains high, thieves can easily flip a profit out of stolen marijuana products. This makes it necessary for dispensaries to take security seriously as a protective measure and a deterrent for potential stealing.

Off-site operations, such as transporting products, run an extra risk that requires security. Since cannabis products are usually uninsured and frequently unbanked, these products attract thieves who can resell them for hundreds of dollars. 

With unstable regulations, this industry’s infancy creates the perfect environment for high shrinkage. Since the high shrinkage is not easy to track, it allows those who steal from dispensaries to get away with it without a trace.

Marijuana dispensaries have no recourse for recouping these losses — if they even notice them in the first place. As a result, it is vital for marijuana dispensaries to employ professional armed security to deter thieves. Over time, dispensaries may notice shrinkage rates going down as a result of proper protection.

How Much Security Do Dispensaries Need?

Dispensaries should consider employing a team of professional armed security guards. These professionals will know how to carry themselves, address potential threats, and respond to actual threats to the safety and security of the dispensary. 

While some dispensaries try to scrape by with cameras and locks on the doors to deter potential threats, experience shows that these options are not deterring thieves and other criminals from taking harmful actions. An armed security professional may seem extreme, but these professionals rarely need to use their weapons or force. Unlike cameras or locks, their presence alone may be enough to scare off would-be burglars or thieves.