What’s The Purpose Of Security Patrol?

Security patrol has one main goal and that is to maintain the security of the premises under the duty of the security guard. This type of patrol should always start with an understanding in regards to the purpose of the patrol. Continue reading to find out more about security patrol services and the purpose behind them.

Security Patrol Purposes

The purpose of security patrol is to:

  • Keep intruders away.
  • Assist those who may appear in need of assistance or confused.
  • Check equipment, such as boilers, to ensure they are functioning as they should.
  • Ensure the safety of the property, prevent theft, and more.
  • Discover emergency safety accidents, including fire, and communicate about warnings to reduce the loss of personnel and enterprise property.
  • Find out and stop the occurrence of security incidents, including fights, to help maintain the way the business operates.

The purpose of security patrol may change at any time, even during a single shift. Security may situate their attention on breaches of the property done by an intruder the very first time they begin their shift. They will also make sure that all safety equipment on machinery in the area is accurately functioning. Finally, they will check once again for intruders within the work site.

Furthermore, there are other duties that security patrols conduct:

  • Patrol, inspect, and monitor. Mobile patrol security guards ensure that all premises and personnel are secured. They do this by patrolling the property, monitoring surveillance, and checking equipment and access points. They can also refuse and permit entry.
  • Prevent losses. After preventing losses, security patrol must also report and inform. They can prevent loss and damage by reporting such things they find to be suspicious. They can also inform violators of procedures and policies and restrain trespassers if need be.
  • Detain. Patrol guards have the right to issue citations, warnings, or detain certain people who commit an offense. They also need to complete necessary reports surrounding the circumstances.
  • Maintain equipment. Security patrol also has a duty to make sure that the equipment is operational by completing preventive maintenance requirements. They must also troubleshoot and call in for repairs as needed.
  • Anticipate. Security patrols are not supposed to wait for an incident to occur. They conduct preventive patrol inspections and undertake security measures to prevent damage, burglary, and misconduct.

While on duty, every guard should create a list of activities that need to be done while on a certain patrol route ahead of time. This includes a map of the major checkpoint areas, passageways, stairwells, rooms, doors, and windows. In the event certain areas are not accessible due to an emergency, alternate routes should then be planned accordingly. These emergencies include chemical leaks, explosions, or fires.

All of these responsibilities are extremely important for every patrol guard to conduct, even though every premise has its own set of requirements and rules. Therefore, mobile officers must adapt accordingly and perform the activities needed to make sure that everyone and everything around them remains safe.