Security Roles and Patrol Types

Security jobs cover an assortment of different patrol types and security roles. Depending on the job and its related duties, the type of guard you are and the steps involved in your patrol can vary greatly. This variety is a good thing as it makes for a diverse profession with many opportunities to find work as a security guard.

How Many Different Types of Security Patrol Are There

An important part of your patrol is tracking progress and keeping a record of your performance and successful paroling of your assigned area. There are many methods of tracking and recording such information, with some of them being quite old-fashioned and other examples being more modern.

  • Traditional Records: This type of patrol involves you reporting to a boss or supervisor. Tasks such as areas to patrol are divided between you and your coworkers, and records such as activity, shift reports, and signing-in are recorded on paper records.
  • Watchman Clock: A traditional way of tracking a patrol route is through a watchman clock. The clock is loaded with a roll of paper or a cardboard disk that records a unique record when you insert a key found along checkpoints on your patrol path. This tracks your timing and that you’re passing by all your assigned checkpoints when on patrol.
  • Closed Circuit TV: Many environments are not suitable for a foot patrol. In these cases, a CCTV system gives you a central unit to view the entirety of your patrol area through carefully placed cameras. In a CCTV system, you have to be attentive and ready to sound the alarm if anything unusual is detected.
  • Guard Tour System: A modern checkpoint system the guard tour system makes use of checkpoints, digital readers, and computer analysis to give highly precise details on patrol patterns and overall effectiveness. These systems could be considered a more advanced and modern version of the watchman clock.

What Types of Security Patrol Is There

There are many situations where security is needed and this results in different types of security guards and security patrols. Guards can be grouped into several categories and here are eight of the most common ones.

  1. Unarmed, such as those found in retail locations.
  2. Event guards who patrol events such as concerts.
  3. Corporate guards who guard and restrict access to business locations.
  4. Mobile guards that use a vehicle to patrol a large area such as an airport.
  5. Armed guards, such as those who drive armored trucks.
  6. Industrial guards who guard factories and other job sites.
  7. Residential guards, such as those who patrol subdivisions and apartment complexes.
  8. Executive guards that protect important public figures such as high-level executives, the famous, and politicians.

No matter your job goals or professional interests if you’re looking to work in security there are many paths you can take.