The Role of Unarmed Security Guards

Anyone who owns or manages a residential building with multiple residents will want to ensure they offer a safe and positive experience. One way that they can offer a good overall experience is by hiring security guards and other professionals to help manage and protect a residential building. If you are considering hiring a residential security team, there are various duties & responsibilities of security officers that you should be aware of. 

Maintain Building Order

One of the responsibilities of the residential security team is to maintain building order. A security guard is responsible for following and enforcing rules that are designed to keep a property safe, organized, and enjoyable. Some of the tasks they can manage include controlling access to the building, handling deliveries, ensuring elevators are used properly, and monitoring surveillance systems.

Observe and Report

An unarmed residential security guard is also going to be required to observe and report any odd findings. If they notice a disturbance, an act of theft or vandalism, or anything else that is odd, ensuring building management and, potentially, law enforcement is notified is very important. They will be required to take reports and provide any information necessary.

Provide Good Service

A security guard is onsite to help the guests. This extends beyond ensuring they are safe. A security guard will take on a variety of other tasks that can help improve the experience of anyone living in the building. This can include opening doors, helping with package deliveries, ensuring that any questions are answered, and handling any other tasks that could pop up on occasion.

Be Visible

One of the roles and responsibilities of the residential security team that a security guard can take on is simply to be visible. Having a visible security presence on site will always be a deterrent to someone that wants to cause harm or break a rule. It will also be a comforting sight for anyone that lives in the building. Due to this, a security guard will typically sit in a high-traffic area or have tasks that involve walking around the building to ensure they are seen.

Hiring a residential security team can be a good investment for any building. When you do hire one, you will help to make the building a safe and more enjoyable place to live. These security professionals provide a variety of services that residents of the building will appreciate.