The Pros of Having Armed Cannabis Dispensary Security Guards

Cannabis dispensaries have taken the country by storm, and that growth and popularity have also created unforeseen security concerns. From protecting marijuana retailers from robberies and other concerns, there are good reasons for commercial security in the cannabis industry today. 

Why Have Commercial Security in the Cannabis Industry?

To some, commercial security services for cannabis dispensaries may seem odd, but there are valid reasons for these security concerns. In addition to the considerable amount of money that can exchange hands, even in a single day, there is also concern about the highly-sought cannabis products dispensaries sell.

Protecting marijuana retailers, not unlike many other popular retailers, will often require more than a sign and camera. Those are a few reasons for commercial security in the cannabis industry and retailers everywhere. Commercial security in the cannabis industry? Absolutely. And based on recent reports, the need is more than justified.

According to one report, robberies of cannabis dispensaries are quickly becoming a problem, citing six armed robbery attempts in three years in Denver alone. Other cities are also reportedly experiencing problems, including Seattle, Chicago, Montana, and others. 

As a newer industry, there is also the issue of still developing security measures and safeguards, which only adds to the growing need for commercial security services for cannabis dispensaries. In some states, for example, dispensaries must meet legal security standards for operation. These can include measures such as video surveillance and other security mandates.

The Cons of Having Armed Dispensary Security Guards

While another benefit of having armed cannabis dispensary security guards is to dissuade would-be criminals, that presence can deter otherwise typical patrons too. Although that is not the goal or idea, it is one reality that some cannabis dispensary operators need to consider.

The other potential concern is the additional expense of contracting and implementing security measures. The good news is that security and security technologies are more affordable than ever, making security a worthwhile investment.

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