Armed or Unarmed Security Officers in Mohave County, AZ: Which do you Need?

Making the decision to hire extra security personnel for your jobsite, event or building might be an easy decision outright, but when it comes down to deciding whether these guards need to be armed or unarmed, you might find yourself putting a little more thought into the decision. And rightfully so—deciding whether a hired officer should come equipped with the capacity to use deadly force or not isn’t a decision that should ever be taken lightly!

If you’re faced with the decision to hire armed versus unarmed security officers in Mohave County, AZ, take a good long look at the situation before you make your choice. In some cases, armed guards are absolutely warranted, while in others, unarmed guards might be all that’s required to keep the situation safe, secure and under control.

The case for armed officers

If you’re leaning towards hiring armed officers, it’s important to understand exactly what that implies:

  • Your security officer(s) will come equipped with a real firearm, and will be trained in the proper use of that firearm.
  • In the event of a hostile situation, that security officer is authorized to use deadly force to protect himself or others from harm.
  • If incident with an armed guard occurs and legal action or criminal investigation follows, you could be held liable.

Now, the good thing about armed guards is that with all of the extra risk of having a live weapon on their person, comes an extensive degree of additional training that teaches a person to neutralize hostile situations with force as a last resort.

Ideally, armed guards are best enlisted when you’re protecting private property or commercial properties that are inaccessible to the general public. In these situations, even if force is required, the risk of collateral damage is minimal and the situation is contained.

Choosing unarmed officers

What does a security officer bring to a situation despite being devoid of a weapon? Easy: the presence of an authoritarian figure that’s also trained in situation resolution through physical combat, verbal defusing and preventative preparedness. You’re getting a trained individual or group of officers whose presence is a natural deterrent against trespassers, vandals and other wrongdoers.

In most cases, your best bet for hiring unarmed security officers in Mohave County, AZ occurs when these officers will be guarding a public facility or event, where the presence of many people is not uncommon. Unarmed guards are best in these scenarios because they create an atmosphere of security, without running the risk of open incident as a result of combat.

As mentioned above, the choice between hiring armed versus unarmed guards is one that has to be made in a situational capacity—no answer is more right than the other without assessing the situation at hand and what’s requires to maintain safety and security at all times.

If you’re still unsure of what type of officers you need for added security, give Mohave Security LHC a call today to inquire about which option might best suit your needs.

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