How a Patrol Service in Bullhead City, AZ Keeps School Parking Lots Safe

Whether the parking lot is at an elementary school, middle school, high school or college campus, when you see security patrol personnel, you instinctively feel a little bit safer. Just knowing there’s a person of authority nearby is not only comforting, but it’s appreciated, too. Here’s how a patrol service in Bullhead City, AZ can keep school parking lots safe:

  • Offers peace of mind: Whether on foot or in a vehicle, the mere presence of a patrol service offers peace of mind for parents, teachers and school kids at every grade level. Simply knowing there is someone of authority around patrolling the school’s parking lot can make the day that much less stressful for everyone. And homeowners living in the vicinity of a school with active hired patrol can reap similar benefits, as officers can dissuade would-be criminals from going forward with residential break-ins.
  • Safety for college students: College parking lots are often quite large and spread out. For this reason, many college officials bring in private security patrol officers to provide protection for students who drive vehicles to class. Day or night, but especially in the dark, walking through a big parking lot alone can be scary, and feeling vulnerable can create anxiety. Request that your campus hire a uniformed, badge-wearing patrol service to walk a path around the campus lot that lets them be seen and provides them a clear line of sight on students.
  • Watching for suspicious vehicles: While it can be difficult to determine which cars are or are not authorized to park in a school’s lot, a patrol service in Bullhead City, AZ can drive or walk around to watch for suspicious people or vehicles entering the parking lot. The service will log solid patrol details of their scheduled routes, which can aid school administrators and law enforcement in the event of a student-involved situation.
  • Avert fights between students: Fights can occur anywhere, but high school parking lots seem to be the spot of choice for students to get into scuffles with one another. Depending on the agreement between the security company and the school district, hired patrol officers may either intervene to an extent or inform the school’s front office about student fights in the campus lot.
  • Prevent vandalism: Although criminals have a way of becoming invisible, they cannot hide from the trained eyes of a security patrol service. Crime can be prevented just by making it apparent that the school has an active security patrol. Vehicles belonging to teachers, staff, students and visitors are less likely to be broken into during school hours, as well as after hours (should patrols take place around the clock) for overnight staff vehicles, and the school and other buildings on the premises will be safer, too.

When it comes to safety in your child’s school parking lot, you want the job done right by capable people. For professional security patrol service in Bullhead City, AZ, contact the team at Mohave Security LHC—we are your trusted security company ready to provide you with security guards and patrol both residential, commercial and other private properties.

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