Five Reasons to Have Unarmed Security Officers in Kingman, AZ at Community Park Celebrations

At home or out in public, your personal safety and concern for your family’s welfare is probably always at the top of your mind. When it comes to hired security, the last thing you may think of is a security guard who is unarmed, yet unarmed guards are effective doing what they do best—handling any situation with professionalism and the skills from their training.

Should you consider unarmed security at your next event? Here are five reasons you may want to have unarmed security officers in Kingman, AZ at your community celebration:

  • Public safety: Although you reserved an area in a local park for a community event, people other than those genuinely wanting to attend the festivities can still wander in. A badge-wearing security guard or two signals there are authority figures nearby who can be approached with public safety concerns, such as if you witness questionable behavior at the community park celebration or think someone is there who shouldn’t be. Security can then assess if they should handle a problem themselves or call in law enforcement.
  • Ward off stealing: There will be many bags, purses and wallets at public events, and even vendor booths if the event involves local businesses selling food or other products. But stealing is more of an issue than you may know, especially in places like crowded parks where there’s a lot going on. Let private security officers take on the responsibility of keeping an extra eye on your valuable goods, whether they’re personal or business items.
  • Keep the peace: Keeping the peace can be done without the use of weapons or extreme force, and this is where unarmed security officers in Kingman, AZ come in. Since event organizers want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible and not uneasy, unarmed guards are particularly popular for open community events, especially events that families with small children are likely to attend.
  • Watch for threats: From suspicious activity to concern for the wellbeing of a child, unarmed security guards with badges openly displayed are the first lines of defense against potential threats to event-goers. In the best-case scenario, the mere presence of an official security officer discourages threatening characters. In the worst case, security will need to step in and handle potentially dangerous matters.
  • Dissuade substance use: Drug and alcohol use or distribution should not be tolerated anytime at a public park, let alone during an event—not only because community celebrations tend to be family friendly, but because individuals partaking in drugs or alcohol may cause problems that make the party not so fun for anyone. Furthermore, young kids are impressionable; teenagers at this time in their lives are aiming to fit in. So any measures to prevent such substances from getting into your community event, including hiring security guards, makes for thorough planning.

If you are in charge of organizing, setting up and monitoring a celebration at a local community park, consider seeking the services of highly trained, professional unarmed security officers in Kingman, AZ from Mohave Security LHC. Contact us today for more information about your security personnel needs.

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