What are the Duties of an Armed Security Officer in Bullhead City, AZ?

There are a lot of stereotypes about security guards. Sometimes, it’s a lazy night shift worker kicking their feet up behind a desk while they do a crossword puzzle. Other times, it’s a surly and gruff mountain of a man who stands idly by as an intimidating presence at entrances. And while you might come across one of these comical stereotypes at some point in time, the fact of the matter is that an armed security officer in Bullhead City, AZ rarely falls into these depictions.

So, if they’re not slacking off in the face of numerous video monitors or standing by an entrance to silently screen visitors, what exactly can you expect a security officer to be doing? It’s a great question that comes with a wide variety of answers—the duties of a security officer can be expansive and ever-changing, depending on the needs of the facilities where they’re stationed.

  • Screening visitors: In areas with stringent visitor rules, like municipal buildings or high-end office buildings, there’s a need for security officers to screen people as they enter the building. This often means assisting them through metal detectors, scanning them with detector wants and checking bags for anything that might be prohibited in the area. Checking ID badges and scanning tags are also indicative of these duties.
  • Transporting valuables: Bank deposits and cash pickups are often exciting prospects for a would-be thief, which is why many companies hire an armed security officer in Bullhead City, AZ to accompany these things from destination to destination. Security officers guard couriers and transport vehicles to ensure valuables get to where they’re going without issue along the way.
  • Patrol: For larger campuses, like college areas or industrial parks, patrols are ideal in spotting suspicious circumstances. It’s nearly impossible to have CCTV everywhere, so a mobile patrol of officers makes surveying the entire campus effectively very possible. Patrols can also respond quickly to problems as they occur.
  • Reporting and recording: Was there anything suspicious at your property last night? Are the fire extinguishers up to inspection code? Whose ID cards were used to access the offices upstairs? All of these things will be in a log or register and a security officer is more than likely going to be the one who put them there. Keeping good records and logs is just another way of protecting a building and its occupants!
  • Directing people: Whether it’s directing traffic through a corporate parking garage or it’s helping people to locate their destination in a 40-story office building, security officers are going to be a resource for information as well as safety! Acting as guides also enables security officers to familiarize themselves with some of the people in the area they’re monitoring.

Above all, an armed security officer in Bullhead City, AZ is going to be responsible for protecting a building and keeping the people within it safe. And while their jobs might include any number of other tasks, like those listed above, providing safety and security are always going to be paramount.

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