Myth: Armed Security Officers in Kingman, AZ are a Liability

It’s a situation we’ve seen in a thousand Hollywood movies: someone storms into an office building ready to do something terrible, but they’re subdued at the last possible moment by a brave security officer. In the movies, this is a climactic moment and the security officer is lauded as a hero for their bravery in the face of danger.

But, as we all know, Hollywood isn’t real life. And, when it comes to the situation described above, businesses don’t want to have to worry about their armed security officers in Kingman, AZ pulling a gun to stop a suspicious person.

Why? Because more often than not, a trigger-happy security guard is going to cost a business thousands, if not millions, of dollars in legal fees. In the event that there’s a misunderstanding, confusion or mistake, pulling a gun on someone who has no intent to do harm means dealing with the legal ramifications that will follow.

But is this really something businesses have to worry about when they hire armed security officers in Kingman, AZ?

The answer is no!

The fact of the matter is that properly trained security officers—especially those who carry a firearm—are trained not to pull their weapon or engage in confrontation at all costs. Rather than being a liability for businesses, a well-trained security guard is going to be an imposing presence that’s meant to deter issues from ever forming in the first place.

We all know how the Hollywood movie scene goes, but what about real life? What’s the real story behind armed guards and what makes them less of a liability than they would seem to be? Let’s consider this situation, instead of the big screen action that we’re used to seeing:

Someone walks into your office building with a very disgruntled look on their face. They get loud with security and refuse to cooperate when asked to present identification. Suspicion is high that this person may become violent.

A security officer is going to act appropriately to alert local authorities (if the situation escalates) and in the mean time, will calmly talk to the person to try and figure out their needs. If communication isn’t possible, the guard will make known that they are armed and that if necessary, they will use non-lethal force to subdue a person.

In most cases, local authorities will arrive on site before any weapons are drawn and a potentially dangerous person will be taken into custody.

It’s important to realize that armed guards will frequently possess the pacification skills and presence to quell a situation before it escalates into a violent conflict. The real-life situation of confronting a suspicious or problematic person is far less action-packed than in the movies!

If you’re worried that having armed security officers in Kingman, AZ on your premises will be more of a liability than a benefit, think again. In many cases, simply having armed guards can be enough to deter a situation from even developing in the first place!

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