Beyond the Uniform: Critical Skills of Security Guards in Kingsman, AZ

When you’re filling out a résumé, one of the most important sections that you need to pay close attention to is the “skills” section. This is where people list out the attributes and traits that they’ve developed and learned over time, which will make them an asset to the job they’re applying for. This is a section where potential employers spend a lot of time discerning what kind of person they’re potentially hiring!

What does this section look like on the résumé of security guards in Kingsman, AZ? You might be surprised! Take a look at some of the skills and attributes that are critical in being a successful security officer and how they lend themselves to the job:

  • Communication skills are going to be the number one trait of a good security officer! Being able to ask questions, get information, reassure people, provide information and more are all daily jobs of a security officer and each requires superior communication skills. If you’re unable to communicate as a security officer, you’re going to run the risk of making situations worse, which is something you can ill afford!
  • Problem solving skills are another must-have for any successful security guard in Kingsman, AZ. You’ll be asked to solve new problems on a daily basis—from something as simple as “can you escort this person to the 5th floor” to as complicated as “can you get in touch with the fire marshal to ensure this building is safe.” Being able to use logic and reason to make smart choices to solve problems will put you a cut above the rest!
  • Alertness and attention to detail will serve any security officer well. As a security guard, you’ll be tasked with observing and reporting on a daily basis—being able to take note of everything and anything that might be pertinent will help you provide a better level of safety and security to the places where you’re stationed.
  • Mediation and conflict resolution are going to be key traits of successful security officers because they’re also the key to avoiding ugly problems. If you’re able to cool someone down, help bridge understanding gaps and empathize with people, you’ll be able to help them resolve problems in a nonviolent and peaceable way. Being able to thwart dangerous situations because of your conflict resolution skills will make you an asset anywhere.
  • Timeliness might not seem like it’s paramount for a security guard, but it’s a core trait that’s very important. Security shifts and duties run like clockwork, which means being on time is very important to keeping the schedule succinct. If you’re late to check in, late to round or late to file a report, it’s going to compromise the entire operation.

If you were under the impression that security guards were just badges, guns and uniforms, think again! It takes all of the above essential skills and a bevy of others to make sure people are kept safe and sound!

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