Five Important Factors to Consider When Hiring Security Guard Services in Mohave County, AZ for Special Events

If you are planning on throwing a big event, then you should think about hiring a professional security service to protect your guests. But, why the need for protection at any event that’s not likely to be crazy? Many events like concerts, festivals and large alcohol-fueled parties are worthy of guards, but you might have a difficult time validating bringing on security services for seemingly docile events. The truth is, however, that you never know if folks will clash at your wedding or family reunion, or if uninvited guests will try to crash your private community party.

Since security needs will vary, let’s look at five important factors to consider when hiring security guard services in Mohave County, AZ for your special event:

  • Proper licensing: Although security companies are required to be fully licensed, it is important that you check to be sure they are. Otherwise, you could run into legal issues. An unlicensed company might not have the authority to get physical with rowdy attendees, leaving you with the blame if someone is injured by a guard. It’s also beneficial to ask about the training the company’s security guards undergo, because you want security that is capable of handling your specific needs.
  • Experience with events: In addition to proper security guard training, you will also want to hire a company with years of past experience—and not just any type of experience. They must be experienced in being able to handle your type of event and the size of the crowd. Ask for references from past or regular clients so you know you are making the right choice.
  • Uniformed or non-uniformed guards: One thing you want to find out is whether the security guard services in Mohave County, AZ you are considering offer uniformed and plain-clothed security guards, depending on what you’d prefer. Your guests may feel more relaxed with non-uniformed guards, while other types of events—like rowdy festivals and night club situations—may fare better with guards present in uniform.
  • Number of guests at the event: There’s a big difference between hosting a neighborhood block party with 100 people attending and managing a rock concert with potentially thousands of people onsite. The more accurate the head count, the better a professional security service will be able to plan. Your quote will be more accurate, and they will have a better idea of how many guards to send out.
  • Type of people at the event: Is it a beer festival? A high school reunion? It’s crucial that you have an idea of the personality types of the people coming to your event. That way, the security company you choose can be prepared with the right number of staff and, if it becomes necessary, methods to keep the crowd under control.

Planning an event involves a lot of patience before all the pieces come together. For your peace of mind, take it upon yourself to consider hiring professional security guard services in Mohave County, AZ for your next large-scale event. Call the trained experts at Mohave Security LHC today—you’ll be glad you did!

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