What to Know When Choosing Between Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Services in Mohave County, AZ

We all make decisions everyday; some must be quick, while others can take time. When it comes to deciding to hire security guards, you don’t want to rush anything—especially since you want the right people protecting you, your family, customers, property or inventory. The first thing you should consider is whether you want armed or unarmed guards to monitor and patrol your property. Both types of guard options have their benefits, but it’s up to you to decide which is better for your needs.

Here’s what you need to know when choosing between unarmed and armed security guard services in Mohave County, AZ.

Environment and location

The safety of your environment should be one of the most important considerations before hiring security guards that are either armed or unarmed. In other words, you need to assess your surroundings to determine whether it’s a high-risk or low-risk crime area. Ask yourself if your business building or office has been the victim of recent criminal activity like theft, robbery or vandalism, or if your neighborhood has a low or high threat level. Higher threat areas and high-risk businesses should hire armed guards, while lower-risk areas might want to take advantage of unarmed security.

Neighbors or customers

If you think your private gated community needs security guard services, make sure you consult your neighbors first. While everyone may be on board to hire private security, not all are okay with firearms, even though armed security guards receive rigorous training to carry a gun.

Business owners, meanwhile, will want to think hard about what kind of message they want to send to their clients and customers. On the one hand, armed guards are visual reminders to criminals that they are not welcome on your property, and they offer a sense of comfort for your customers—perfect for businesses like jewelry stores and banks. On the flip side, if you run an upscale dining establishment, your clientele may feel uneasy with armed security personnel so close by.

Types of crimes

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing between unarmed and armed security guard services in Mohave County, AZ are the types of crimes being committed in your neighborhood or at your business. If the problem is vandals regularly carrying out minor property damage, and the police have not been able to catch them, then an unarmed guard is a good option to help deter illegal acts. However, businesses in high crime areas or that handle expensive items might consider armed guards, as criminals targeting these types of businesses may be more likely to carry weapons.


Having a budget in mind is necessary when deciding on security guard services. Armed guards require extensive firearms training, skills certifications and firearm carry permits—not to mention maintaining these requirements. Therefore, hiring armed guards instead of unarmed guards to protect your property will be more costly.

Whether your looking for armed security guard services in Mohave County, AZ to protect your private community or business, look no further than the skilled and experienced security officers at Mohave Security LHC. Contact us today with questions or for a consultation!

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