How a Patrol Service in Mohave County, AZ Can Assist a College or University Campus

Whether students attending a college or university live on campus and view it as their home away from home or only commute to campus for their classes, it’s important that they—and anyone else on campus—feel safe and secure.

That’s where a patrol service in Mohave County, AZ can play a role. There are numerous responsibilities that a patrol officer might have, depending on the needs of a particular institution, the size of its campus and so forth. Here is a sample list of tasks that a patrol officer might perform at a college or university.

Escort services

Many colleges or universities offer a guaranteed escort for students back to their dorms or elsewhere on campus if they are returning late or otherwise want an additional measure of security.

24-hour patrolling

Activity of all types takes place at a college or university at all hours of the day, so many universities choose to hire a patrol service to keep watch over the campus around the clock. This ensures that emergencies don’t need to wait until the next day and that any crimes or other dangerous activities don’t go undetected.

A college or university might choose to offer these patrol services using a variety of methods. One frequently used method is patrol vehicles, which are generally marked so as to provide a recognizable and secure source of assistance for students and other members of a college community.

It can also make sense to arrange for officers to patrol certain areas of campus on foot, such as event spaces or academic buildings. This way, patrol personnel can take action immediately when they spot someone or something that might be a source of danger to others present.

Bicycle or golf cart patrol may be another method your college or university might opt for. If the weather allows and the space where you’d like security to patrol isn’t conducive to a patrol car, equipping patrol personnel with bicycles or golf carts can be another way to help keep your campus safe.

Parking and permit enforcement

Do you have a parking permit system in place on your campus? Or perhaps you require stricter enforcement of who can park where on campus during large events, such as graduation or athletic events. Patrol personnel can oversee the parking and permit process and provide the appropriate security services if a person or vehicle is found in violation.

Whatever your reasons for needing a patrol service in Mohave County, AZ at your college or university, Mohave Security LHC provides you with personnel who have the experience you can count on. We ensure that our security personnel are fully vetted with the aim of providing you, your guests or employees with the utmost peace of mind. In addition, all of our security guards are MSHA, CPR and first aid certified.

Whether you are looking for patrol services for your college or university, business or other private property, gated community, hotel or any other type of location or event, Mohave Security LHC is a premier provider of services. Contact us today to hire security personnel for your space or event or to learn more about what we offer.

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