Top Seven Qualities That You Should Look for in a Security Guard

Whether he works at a mall, a rental property or an office building, a security guard has a very important job to do. Not only is he tasked with protecting goods and property, but he is also tasked with protecting employees, residents and other guests and clientele. One mistake can lead to serious losses, not only from a business standpoint, but the loss of lives as well. That’s why it is so important that you use a security guard service in Mohave County, AZ that works with only the top candidates in the profession.

At Mohave Security LHC, we use a stringent screening process to ensure not only that all our security guards are equipped to handle their job, but that they also possess certain inherent qualities needed to be a security guard. Here are the top qualities that we look for when hiring a security guard:

  • Education and training: The proper education and training is the foundation of any good security guard. Having a thorough knowledge of security operations and policies is essential to carrying out the duties of the job.
  • Vigilant and prepared: A security guard should always be on the lookout for the unexpected and prepared to handle any situation that may arise. Being able to quickly assess a situation, identify possible threats and act accordingly is a necessary quality for any security guard.
  • Respect for human rights: You don’t want to work with a security guard who does not value each individual’s human rights; that is a lawsuit waiting to happen. A security guard who will protect your assets without becoming a liability will respect the rights of your employees, guests and clientele at all times.
  • Integrity: You need to be able to trust your security guard completely. A security guard with integrity will inherently do what is right, giving you confidence and peace of mind.
  • Physical fitness: A security guard who is out of shape may not be able to perform all of his duties when put to the test. However, a security guard who makes physical fitness a priority is able to jump into action at a moment’s notice.
  • Critical thinking skills: A security guard prone to overreacting can leave you liable for anything that goes wrong. Although you want a security guard who is vigilant and prepared, you also want him to temper his actions with rationality and critical thinking skills.
  • Interpersonal skills: A security guard is often required to interact with your employees and customers, so you want him to be able to present himself in a professional and friendly manner that’s cohesive with the image and environment you want to create.

If you are looking to hire a security guard, working with a professional security guard service in Mohave County, AZ can help you find the right personnel with these essential qualities. At Mohave Security LHC, we know what it takes to be a security guard and we only hire the very best in the business. Contact us today to learn more!

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