The Importance of the Security Guard: Seven Things Your Security Guard Does to Protect You

Armed robberies, deadly shootings and even terrorist attacks have left our culture more in need of security protection than ever. Looking at robbery statistics alone, nearly 500,000 robberies are reported each year, which is about one robbery per minute! This doesn’t even take into account vandalism, trespassing and other instances that could be avoided if the proper security and protection was in place.

Security guards in Mohave County, AZ play a very important role by protecting businesses, commercial properties and even college campuses and schools. Unlike police officers, who are often required to react to a crime, security guards allow for a more preventative approach. In fact, there are seven ways a security guard operates differently to help protect you:

  • A visible presence: Most burglars and other criminals think twice about robbing a home with a home security sign in the front yard. Although the alarm itself will signal for help and scare away criminals attempting a break-in, just having that sign out front can keep criminals from even trying in the first place. The same goes for a security guard. Just seeing a security guard in the area helps to deter criminals.
  • Offer safety warning and tips: A quality security guard service will offer an evaluation and helpful tips for protecting your business or property. As the experts in the business, they can advise you on possible security risks you may not have even thought about.
  • Superior vigilance: Security guards are trained to be vigilant and spot certain signs of trouble. From being aware every time a door opens to detecting when someone is trying to use diversion tactics, a well-trained security guard can spot trouble before it ever even happens.
  • Maintaining order: A security guard is responsible for maintaining safety and adherence to the rules. Whether its preventing too many people from entering an establishment at once to making sure kids don’t try to use your parking lot for skateboarding tricks, security guards help maintain safety and order at all times.
  • Customer service: A security guard is often one of the first faces customers or employees see when entering your business, which means they are also responsible for greeting guests and employees, answering questions and offering assistance whenever possible.
  • Checking and monitoring: Security guards check and monitor properties, even after business hours. From ensuring that doors are locked and secure to turning off lights, security guards perform a lot of extra duties to ensure that your property is safe and secure.
  • Dealing with crises: Although security guards do everything to prevent crime and dangerous situations, they are also highly trained to react appropriately and promptly in the face of danger or other crises.

Security guards are so important for protecting your business, property and employees that you cannot afford to be without one. If you’re looking to hire security guards in Mohave County, AZ, let us know. At Mohave Security LHC, we offer the best security services in the business. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can offer your property.

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