Benefits of Having an Unarmed Security Guard

As a business owner, you know the importance of providing protection to your employees and customers. If you’ve decided a security guard is right for you, you may be thinking about whether you’d prefer an armed security officer or an unarmed security officer. There are a number of different factors you should consider before moving forward.

For the highest quality in an unarmed security officer in Mohave County, AZ, trust Mohave Security LHC. Our level of experience and professionalism has impressed our clients in fields from construction to music venues. Here’s why an unarmed security guard could be the best choice for your business:

  • Feeling of safety: While armed security guards are trained and the likelihood of their using their weapons is low, it’s possible that they send the wrong message to employees and customers. People may feel somewhat less safe with an armed security guard around, or perceive that the business needs a higher level of security due to significant threats. Considering today’s political climate as well, any presence of firearms may not be acceptable to all segments of the general population. For all these reasons, choosing an unarmed security guard might be the most conservative option.
  • Cost: Armed security guards need more training and are often needed in higher-pressure situations. Licensing and liability are additional expenses when hiring this kind of personnel. Therefore, armed security officers tend to cost more overall. If your goal is to keep costs low, then hiring an unarmed security officer could be the better choice.
  • Efficacy: Just by investing in security, you’re demonstrating that your business doesn’t take threats lightly. Criminals are more likely to prey on businesses that don’t put in much effort when it comes to protecting themselves. The mere presence of a security officer will therefore deter the vast majority of criminal activity. All security officers receive thorough training as well, meaning that they’ll be effective at responding to criminal activity, too.
  • Risk management: While it’s extremely unlikely, it is always possible that a security guard’s weapon could discharge accidentally or that a criminal could somehow take the officer’s weapon. By hiring an unarmed security officer, you guarantee this will never happen. This means you keep your liability and risk of violence low.

As a business owner, you know you can’t put a price on your safety. Nevertheless, Mohave Security LHC offers reasonable rates on an unarmed security officer in Mohave County, AZ. We’ll work on your budget and find the best way to protect your business from any criminal threat. For years, we’ve been developing a reputation as the go-to security service for businesses in Mohave County communities.

The next time you’re looking for security, trust Mohave Security LHC to deliver. We’re a fully licensed, bonded and insured company that’s helped a range of clients throughout the region. Our guards go through tough training so they can prevent and appropriately respond to crime. Contact us today to learn more about how our professional services can help you.

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