Do You Need Armed or Unarmed Security Officers in Mohave County, AZ?

Making the decision between armed or unarmed security officers in Mohave County, AZ for your event or business can be overwhelming for many. There are issues of safety, liability and effectiveness that arise, and sometimes unarmed officers are just more appropriate. You can know for sure by consulting with Mohave Security LHC, as we design a plan to meet your needs. Here are four factors to consider when you make the decision between armed and unarmed guards:

  • Likelihood of violence: If you run a business in a generally safe neighborhood and rarely face incidents, unarmed guards likely suffice. Police report quickly to these areas if something does occur, and anything that happens is unlikely to be violent. However, if guards are alone in dark places frequently and violence is likely, hiring armed guards is a good option. It helps keep your property secure and your employees safe. You also want to consider the safety of the guards you hire—they are unable to help you if they fall victim to a violent offender.
  • Visibility: Having armed guards at a music event that is supposed to be fun is not the best idea. Patrons are more likely to feel intimidated than safe. Also, the worst that may happen is words exchanged when too much alcohol is consumed, which is a situation for talking people down, not threatening them with weapons. When you hire armed guards, they work behind the scenes, not in the crowds or anywhere else they are visible. If people visit your business and see armed guards, they may assume your premises are not safe. So, if you can keep armed guards behind the scenes just in case, they may be an appropriate choice for you.
  • Presence of valuable property: Armed guards are necessary if you need to secure valuable property. This ensures safeguarding and reduces risk of theft. Many theft attempts involve violence and weapons, so having a guard who is trained can protect your valuables and prevent the crime before it occurs. Also, the mere presence of armed guards often discourages theft. If you hire unarmed guards, you are more likely to attract an attempt and leave the guard unable to act.
  • Liability: Even with their advantages, there is one large disadvantage with armed guards—risk. Property owners may be held liable if a guard causes injury or death and the reason was not apparent. Your business insurance may not cover these incidents, and the resulting lawsuits can close your doors. Depending on your situation, unarmed guards with non-lethal weapons may be more appropriate if liability is on your red flag list. But sometimes, especially in dangerous areas or situations, the risk of an accidental death is outweighed by other circumstances. We can help you assess the situation and make an informed decision if you are concerned about this.

Mohave Security LHC can meet the needs for armed or unarmed security officers in Mohave County, AZ for businesses and events. Call us today to schedule a security consultation and see how we can best help you.

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