Signs Your Business Needs a Patrol Service

Hiring a security guard to come and patrol your corporate, industrial or institutional property often represents a substantial expense. For that reason, even if you think that you may need to hire a security firm, you may put it off for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, this can result in a loss of profit for your company in the long run. Hiring a patrol service allows you to safeguard your products and other capital assets. Additionally, working with a qualified patrol service in Mohave County, AZ facilitates an environment that feels safe and welcoming for your clients, customers and employees.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not your company needs to hire a provider of professional patrol services, here are a few signs that may indicate you’re in need of security assistance:

  • Your business sells or serves liquor: Liquor is one of the most stolen items, and robberies involving alcohol frequently turn ugly. If your store sells or serves liquor, it’s advisable to hire professional patrol assistance. Not only will they potentially save you thousands of dollars in lost product, they’ll also provide you with safety and peace of mind.
  • You’re located in a high-risk neighborhood: If the local crime in your neighborhood is trending upward, it could be advisable to hire a patrol service in Mohave County, AZ. Even the best, most desirable neighborhoods can experience crime waves, especially when the weather is unseasonably warm. Working with a patrol service can help you stay ahead of the curve.
  • There’s an uptick in theft: Property theft can cripple small and mid-size businesses. If you’ve experienced an inordinate amount of theft at your retail store, restaurant or non-profit institution, it’s likely time to begin exploring your patrol service options. One of the most valuable assets private patrol services bring is theft deterrence. Working with a professional is an excellent way to protect your bottom line.
  • You’re in need of backup: Have you ever experienced a frightening situation involving would-be robbers, or even witnessed a customer experiencing a medical emergency at your store? If so, you know the value of having a highly trained professional on hand to assist you with crowd management. Patrol service providers are trained to remain calm during unexpected events, and can help you navigate tricky circumstances.
  • Poor parking lot layout or lighting: Many businesses face the burden of bad parking lighting and layouts. If the parking lot at your company is exceptionally egregious, it could be creating an unsafe environment for your employees, clients and customers. Some parking lots are laid out with darkened areas, or corners hidden from view. Patrol service personnel can help mitigate the negative effects of these arrangements.

For nearly a decade, Mohave Security LHC has been a premier provider of patrol service in Mohave County, AZ. We’re proud to provide each of our clients with dependable, trustworthy patrol services that meet their needs. To learn more about our comprehensive professional security offerings, contact one of our friendly representatives today.

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