Protect Your Parking Lot with Unarmed Security Officers in Mohave County, AZ

There are numerous ways to ensure people’s safety in your parking lot. You can install security cameras and put in adequate lighting, but another option is to hire security officers to patrol the entire area of the parking lot. If you are thinking about hiring unarmed security officers in Mohave County, AZ to guard your parking lot, then the following information is for you:

  • Discourage criminals: With proper training, security officers can prevent and identify potential threats in your business or office complex parking lot. Their presence alone can be enough to keep crime away. Imagine a criminal who is about to vandalize a car, break into a vehicle or commit another kind of crime in your parking lot looking up and seeing a person of authority coming their way. They’re liable to think twice before doing something they’ll soon regret.
  • Ties to law enforcement: Many parking lot security officers work closely with local law enforcement to apprehend suspects after a crime has been committed. Although your security officer is unarmed, they can still put fear into the hearts of criminals. Depending on the security company you partner with, your parking lot security guard may or may not have the authority to physically restrain a criminal or even use a stun gun. If not, they can still defend themselves and call the police out to their location. Many also take detailed notes of suspicious activity.
  • Parking lot duties: The unarmed security officer patrolling your parking lot regularly scans the area to ensure everyone is following the rules. They monitor and respond to vehicle or gate alarms, report any suspicious activity to local authorities and guard access gates, if there are any. Most parking lot security personnel patrol the area on foot, but might have a small vehicle or cart to get around larger lots.
  • Skills needed: Being able to pay attention to detail is a key skill all security officers must possess. If he or she is not detail-oriented, they cannot efficiently or properly monitor your parking lot. Observation skills are also a must—your guard should be able to recognize the first signs of possible criminal acts, as well as criminal activity in progress. Since walking and standing for extended period of time is a given, and running is a possibility, they should be physically fit. In addition to all this, unarmed security officers regularly monitor the parking lot’s security cameras on multiple screens.

Unarmed security officers can be great additions to any parking lot, including hotels, malls, business parks, medical offices, schools and more. It doesn’t matter if your parking lot is big or small—you want your customers, clients and employees to feel safe when they come to your business. Unarmed guards can provide this security. They protect people and don’t need a gun to be taken seriously.

Here at Mohave Security LHC, our services include providing armed and unarmed security officers in Mohave County, AZ. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns or to set up a consultation!

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