Do You Need Unarmed Security Guard Services in Mohave County, AZ for Your Event?

If you’re holding an event, you might be interested in hiring a team of security guards to help keep the peace and make sure the crowds remain orderly. If you’ve decided this is a good idea, you probably won’t need to worry about getting armed guards. Sure, maybe if you’re dealing with large amounts of cash or valuables right out in the open and believe there’s a high potential for theft or robbery, then it may make sense to bring in an armed security team. But otherwise, for most business owners and event organizers, you’ll do just fine with unarmed security guard services in Mohave County, AZ.

Here’s some information about why you might consider hiring out these services in advance of your next large event.

Working with unarmed security guard services

Security guards can be used for a number of different purposes at your property. You can have them stationed in areas to prevent theft or burglary, or they can be out in the middle of crowds scanning areas to ensure security and also giving directions to people enjoying the event. If you’re a business owner, having unarmed security guards walking around your store or office can simply demonstrate that there is a security presence, which can be a highly effective crime deterrent. Sometimes all it takes is the sight of a security guard in uniform for a would-be criminal to think twice about their actions.

Plus, security guards can help people attending your event or visiting your business feel safe. While people don’t necessarily like to feel as though they’re being watched, at least having some sort of minimal security presence in place does provide a feeling of a safer environment.

Having human guards in areas rather than relying on security cameras and other more mechanical means of public safety can also help to deescalate situations in which a fight or criminal act might occur. Having a person on the premises can do a lot to help keep the peace. This is especially important at events where alcohol will be served, and in large quantities. When people drink to excess, they tend to make poor decisions, and fights and other disturbances become more likely. Having unarmed security guards present can make sure these situations don’t get out of control.

Finally, the fact that these guards are unarmed can also help to keep the peace. Frankly, at most of these events there is no need for guards to be visibly armed, and in some cases that could actually cause circumstances to get out of control much more quickly. Guards should be trained in conflict resolution without the need to be armed with weapons.

For more information about the benefits of working with unarmed security guard services in Mohave County, AZ at your building or for your next event, we encourage you to contact the team at Mohave Security LHC today. We’ve been serving area communities for a decade and would be happy to answer any questions you have for us.

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