Five Ways Security Guards Protect Gated Communities

People choose to live in gated communities for the security and peace of mind they offer. Security for gated communities in Mohave County, AZ should include security guards, since gate codes and cameras alone cannot keep crime away from these oases of safety. If you are considering hiring security guards for your gated community, here are five ways they will help enhance the safety of these neighborhoods:

  • Point of contact: When something goes wrong, people do not want to have to guess the right number to call or wait on 911. Security guards who are known in the community fulfill this role well. Residents can turn to them for minor incidents, but also know they have a trusted contact when an emergency occurs. This is often reassuring for those who make the investment to live in a gated community. Establishing one person to handle these matters streamlines reports and offers a known element when things go wrong.
  • Accountability: There is less likely to be incidents when there is a security presence in a gated community. While those with criminal inclinations can hack gate codes or avoid cameras, they are less likely to attempt something when they know there are regular patrols involving observant guards. Security guards can also record incidents and make reports that could prove useful to law enforcement. At the very least, they are reliable witnesses in emergencies or minor incidents.
  • Gate presence: Security guards at entrances and exits provide extra protection. We can provide guards 24/7, 365 days a year, and ensure there is always someone available at the access points. As long as there is a guard shack at the gate, we can provide a guard. This allows for an additional layer of security when gates can be broken or hacked and cameras merely record incidents rather than stop or prevent them. Also, guards can record the identities of visitors and keep a thorough record of who enters and leaves the community.
  • Quick response: If there is an assault, break-in or unauthorized access to the community, guards are trained to act quickly. This can control incidents before law enforcement arrives and even stop events before they escalate. Police often only need to arrest the offenders. Also, if people are not following the rules, a guard can act as a point of contact to give gentle reminders of everything from excessive noise to failing to follow procedures for guests. Guards can also communicate directly with property managers when situations get out of hand and act as witnesses if further enforcement procedures are necessary.
  • Improve procedures: Guards often have years of security experience. They may find holes in your security protocol that could leave residents with a little less peace of mind. In many cases, you do not just receive a guard, but a skilled consultant who has likely seen everything. This can make your gated community just a little bit safer!

Mohave Security LHC offers security for gated communities in Mohave County, AZ. Contact us today to take advantage of our certified security guards.

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