We’re Hiring!

Are you a security guard looking to take the next step in your career? Are you an armed security officer in Mohave County, AZ who wants to work in a challenging and rewarding environment? Good news! Mohave Security LHC is adding members to our team, and we want you!

Why choose armed security?

For a business, the choice to enlist armed security help is a no-brainer. For someone considering the career change, however, it may be worth mentioning that a position in armed security has quite a few advantages:

  • Patrol interesting locations: Armed security professionals get the best security jobs, bar none. They go to the most exciting locations (like university campuses), and they get called upon for more compelling tasks.
  • Being armed doesn’t mean violence is assured: Some people mistakenly believe that having a sidearm means an increased likelihood that they will be called upon to use it. This isn’t necessarily the case. Just as some police officers go their whole career without drawing their weapon, so too do armed security personnel rarely get called upon to use extreme force.
  • Earn more money: Extra training means that you’re developing a skill set that few others have. That means higher pay and better benefits than a base-level security guard.

That’s just the beginning of this fascinating career path.

Do your part

The primary goal of any armed security officer in Mohave County, AZ is not to enforce order, but to maintain it. Whether you’re patrolling a retirement community or a warehouse stocked with valuable goods, the goal is the same. Armed security personnel establish safety through their presence. The overall goal isn’t to use your firearm—instead, it is to deter others from causing trouble.

As a result, armed security personnel act as a kind of unofficial peace officer in areas where it’s needed most. Armed personnel are the first line of defense when trouble starts.

Do you have the skills?

Not everyone is cut out to be an armed security officer. It takes several skills that are valuable in and of themselves.

Security officers must be excellent at communicating with others. Even more important, they must be able to use those communication skills to calm others and direct a response in emergency situations. That requires a force of character that’s uncommon. When the worst happens, armed security personnel must be able to stay calm and adapt to the situation as needed.

Finally, a hired armed security officer in Mohave County, AZ needs the presence of mind to stay vigilant. In several cases, it is crucial that security personnel can spot something out of the ordinary and react before things get out of control.

Make us your home

For over a decade, the highly-skilled team at Mohave Security LHC has established itself as a leading provider of expert security personnel in Arizona. Throughout the region, businesses have come to rely on us for courteous, quick-thinking security experts to keep their businesses safe.

Now, we want you to join the Mohave Security LHC team as an armed security officer in Mohave County, AZ. If you’ve got what it takes to make a difference in your community, then give us a call or visit us online. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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