Seven Advantages of Roving Security Cars vs. Static Guards

As a property manager, personal and property safety and security is always at the front of your mind. When it comes to security guards, the most commonly known are armed and unarmed security officers patrolling areas on foot, but there’s another option: moving or roving patrol cars. These clearly marked vehicles are operated by security guards who are trained to provide the same services to clients as static guarding personnel, except roving patrol is constantly moving while watching for signs of trouble. They can also get from place to place much more quickly than foot patrol.

If you’re in the market for security guard services, then the following information is for you. Below are seven good reasons why you should consider hiring a security service that offers roving car patrol in Mohave County, AZ:

  • GPS tracking: Not only does the security guard company the roving officer is employed by track their vehicle, but they may even allow clients this same capability. This way, you will always know where your security guards are located on your property. Additionally, GPS documents every time the vehicle stops, where and for how long.
  • Bolder visual presence: The goal of having security guards onsite is to deter would-be criminals from committing crimes. When you hire roving security, you’re creating a very obvious visual presence in the area. These vehicles are typically large, marked with the company’s logo and come with law enforcement-style lights.
  • Gives comfort: There’s comfort in knowing a security guard is nearby. The visual presence of these vehicles is much harder to hide, unlike some static guards who take advantage of hidden corners to take unauthorized breaks. If security is needed, they either see the trouble and go toward it or get a call to report to a location immediately.
  • Less chance of fatigue: The term “static guard” doesn’t necessarily mean the officer is stuck in one place all shift, but staying in one location for long stretches of time can happen, and it creates fatigue. Roving requires continuous patrol from one area to another, leaving little time for fatigue to set in, and alertness is crucial since the guard is also driving the vehicle.
  • Quick response and coordinating: A mobile guard on four wheels can respond to situations more quickly than a static guard on foot. Multiple roving vehicles patrolling one area means more eyes on the lookout for trouble, and possibly even faster response to calls.
  • Affordability: The best security guard companies provide a variety of exceptional security services. Whether you choose roving patrol, armed or unarmed guards, part-time or round-the-clock service, the cost is affordable and worth it.
  • Promotes productivity: Most companies that offer roving patrol services install cameras inside their vehicles. It’s a way to monitor the guard’s activities, as well as ensure the safety of the guard on duty and the people they’re protecting.

If nightly car patrol in Mohave County, AZ interests you, look no further than Mohave Security LHC for more information. Give us a call and let us know what our security officers can do for you!

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