Why Nightly Roving Patrol Is Necessary

Owning a business park or managing a large business or community property comes with a great deal of responsibility. For example, even though it may not be your obligation, you’re responsible for keeping everyone safe from crime to a certain extent. This is just good management practice. But, keep in mind that the safety of the people and property you manage hinges on the capabilities of the security company you hire to protect the area. Some companies offer roving vehicle patrol, which gives security officers the flexibility to get to or change locations quickly.

Here are six reasons why you should consider hiring a security service for nightly roving patrol in Mohave County, AZ:

  • Officer alertness: Although security officers are trained to stay vigilant on the job, it can be difficult to do so 100 percent of the time. Some overnight security guards may have trouble staying awake later at night—especially when they’re on guard in one location all night long. Since roving patrol requires the officer to constantly patrol from one part of the property to the next, falling asleep or dozing off is less likely.
  • Visual deterrence: One of the best ways to prevent crime is to have security patrols that are easily identifiable. Roving patrol vehicles are well marked and have bright flashing lights turned on as they move throughout your property. This visual presence lets everyone in the area know there’s security onsite.
  • Round-the-clock watch: In many instances, businesses and property managers hire security officers to patrol on foot until a certain time in the day. With roving patrol, an officer is always on the move. Day or night, non-business hours and the early hours of the morning are all covered by security guards actively patrolling the area.
  • Prevents slacking off on the job: Some employees will take advantage of their work situation, such as playing computer games in the office instead of performing the duties they get paid to do. While this is not the case for all security guards, some will do other things to pass the time until the end of their shift—especially if no one is around to watch them. Roving patrol is different. Vehicles have GPS alerts and internal vehicle cameras that monitor an officer’s activities. This takes the place of a supervisor checking on guards a couple times a night in person.
  • Worth every penny: Roving patrol officers are an economical choice for many different kinds of properties. A roving service provides a security presence all day and/or all night long and tends to cost less than a traditional security service.
  • Fast response times: A huge advantage of having roving patrol officers on your team is promptness. They can respond quickly to calls about issues—likely within a couple minutes or less—because they are already in a vehicle and mobile. Hire multiple patrol vehicles to reap the same benefit in bigger areas.

To inquire about nightly car patrol in Mohave County, AZ or to start new security service, contact Mohave Security LHC today.

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