The Importance of Nightly Patrol

If you own property like an apartment building or a commercial facility, it can be very beneficial to have a security patrol on the grounds each night. This will not just give you peace of mind that your building is protected, but also make your tenants feel safer and more comfortable.

Here are just a few examples of some of the benefits of evening security guards in Mohave County, AZ:

Improved property value: A property that is known to be safe and free of crime will in turn become more valuable. This is something that’s completely within your control—posting security guards, establishing security protocols and implementing surveillance devices will help you to deter crime on your property and around it, which makes for a safer community and higher property values.

Deter crime: Obviously, the main reason why you’d have nightly patrols on your property would be to deter crime. Simply put, people are much less likely to attempt to commit a crime when they see security officers on duty. Having security officers on and around your property is particularly effective at deterring crimes such as break-ins and burglaries. It can also help to prevent issues such as drug solicitation and usage. In general, you can expect crime to go down with a security presence on the premises.

Better residents: As property value goes up and crime goes down, you’re more likely to attract tenants who are going to be more stable, including families and other people who are less likely to commit crimes. These people are attracted to the feelings of a safe community, and are also more likely to pay their rent on time and commit to longer leases, which is beneficial for you as a landlord. The presence of a security officer is an incentive for these types of people to rent from you.

Easily flexible services: The security presence you have on your property can be completely customized to fit whatever your needs may be. Perhaps you need one entrance to be especially secure, or wish to have a person stationed at a primary security checkpoint near the main entrance. Perhaps you want to have actual patrols out at night. Maybe you just need one security officer, or maybe you need multiple. Whatever your needs may be, you can work with the agency providing the security officers and discuss how they can meet them.

Real-time response: There are some cases in which crimes will still occur even if a security guard is present. The good news is the presence of security officers makes it easier for you to respond immediately in real time. Security officers are trained in quickly and appropriately responding to any issues that arise on the property, and if there is a break-in or other type of crime, you can trust that the response will be in good hands.

For more information about the various benefits of hiring a nightly patrol in Mohave County, AZ, we encourage you to contact Mohave Security LHC today.

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