Why Event Security Matters

If you’re planning a major event, you’re going to have a lot of items on your to-do list. While arranging for caterers, music and portable toilets, don’t forget to include security in your plans, especially for large public events.

Event security doesn’t just involve placing security personnel and guards around the event venue—you should be sure to put together a more comprehensive plan to make sure your event goes smoothly and safely. Here’s a bit of what you should know about planning to have hired security guards for your event in Mohave County, AZ:

Be familiar with the venue: You should know the venue like the back of your hand, long before the actual day of the event. This gives you an idea of where all the official entry points are located, and if there are any spots at which a person could get inside without using any of those official entry points. Make sure you identify all these access areas so you can alert security personnel to them. It helps to have a blueprint or diagram of the venue on hand. For outdoor venues, this also helps you to establish event boundaries with temporary fencing and barricades.

Consider the potential risks from guests: Are there any event attendees who might pose a particular risk? It’s going to be impossible to individually check up on every person who purchases a ticket, but you should consider all the risks for your event demographic. Do you have a band known for having fights at their shows? What about a speaker with controversial opinions who could attract protesters or riots? These are the kinds of issues you should consider.

Analyze your danger of larger attacks: While you might think it is unlikely that your event would be the target of a large-scale attack, there have been far too many incidents across the country that have seen many people injured or killed in large gatherings. Make sure to check guests’ bags before they enter, and publicly state these bags will be inspected in advance. Consider using body scanners, and have guards who will watch for suspicious or abnormal behavior.

Engage in crowd control: If you expect larger crowds at your event, then you should also expect a larger possibility of something going wrong. Make sure your security staff is comfortable with handling large groups, and that they are trained in exerting authority in an appropriate and responsible manner. Crowd management tasks include asking guests to move if they’re blocking exits, making sure lines are organized and unobstructed (and using cones, tape or stanchions) and making sure guests don’t get into any areas that aren’t designed for their access.

Communicate: Ongoing communication on the day of the event is crucial to keeping it safe and organized. Make sure all security personnel have walkie talkies or other communication devices, and stay in communication throughout the day.

For more information about how you can implement better event security in Mohave County, AZ, contact the team at Mohave Security LHC today with your questions.

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