Should Security Officers Be Marked or Unmarked?

To employ effective loss prevention and property protection services, you must first determine if you need unmarked or marked security personnel. Both types of security offer numerous benefits, but if you need to step up your security efforts in response to specific incidents and safety concerns, one option might prove to be stronger for your business than the other. Read on to learn why a marked security presence in Mohave County, AZ is just what your company needs to boost on-site security:

  • Deterring crime: While unmarked security may provide the guards with a better chance of catching wrongdoers in the act, wouldn’t it be much better to deter and discourage any of these suspicious activities to avoid an unwanted situation from developing in the first place? If your security personnel are marked and highly visible, potential thieves or troublemakers are far more likely to move on in search of a property that doesn’t offer the same protection. If you have unmarked security, they will be available if anything does go wrong, but won’t offer the same level of deterrence if trouble is lurking nearby.
  • Establishing a presence: Having marked patrol on your property establishes an atmosphere of protection and safety, and their presence is felt by all. If you are securing a retail location, customers and employees will feel at ease knowing someone is there to keep them protected at all times. The same can be said for the presence of marked security patrolling apartment buildings or gated communities, helping to give the residents the much-needed peace of mind that if anything does happen, help is always close by.
  • Building confidence: If you are having a special event, such as a community concert or block party, where there will be large groups of people moving about throughout the day and night, marked patrol can help with crowd control, assessing potential threats and handling any necessary conflict management. More people will be willing to come to your event if they know that they will be able to enjoy the festivities safely. If you own a business, your on-site security could very well be the reason why customers choose your company over another, as they will begin to associate safety and protection with your business.

Overall, marked security will provide an authoritative presence for any type of business location that needs to be protected, and is a clear reminder to all that you do not take the safety and security of your property lightly. In addition to being able to offer another level of security, marked patrol in Mohave County, AZ can also help to both deter suspicious and illegal activity and instill confidence in tenants, employees, customers or anyone else who frequents your property.

To learn more about the level of marked security your company needs to keep your property safe at all times, reach out to Mohave Security LHC. For over a decade now, we have provided the strong security presence that is necessary in locations of all types, and you can rely on us to deliver exactly what your property needs. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation, no matter what your security needs may be!

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