Benefits of a Roving Patrol Car

Whether you are responsible for overseeing an apartment building, a gated community or a storefront in a high-theft area, you must find ways to keep your property protected when no one is around. Because potential troublemakers are likelier to try their activities under the cover of night, you will also need to take your normal security measures a step further to protect your property when all the activities of the day have died down. Here are just a few of the reasons that nightly car patrol in Mohave County, AZ could be just the around-the-clock security solution you need:

  • Establishing a presence: In addition to providing mobility for security officers so they are always readily available in the case of an emergency, a roving patrol car that is well-marked with flashing lights will establish a strong and visible presence, no matter what type of property you need to protect. In many cases, the mobile and roving influence of the patrol car is enough of a deterrent to encourage a potential menace to move on in search of something less secure. Additionally, this enhanced security presence will provide reassurance for any residents or employees who are on-site after hours that your company is committed to their wellbeing and safety.
  • Eliminating idle time: Traditional security guards who remain stationary at specific posts during the night will be left with a lot of time on their hands. When working overnight, it can be very easy for a sedentary security guard to get distracted by the effects of boredom and fatigue, and these guards may even fall asleep from time to time during their shift. With a roving patrol car that is constantly in motion, the officer will have to remain alert at all times. This means that your property will be under constant surveillance the entire night, leaving no idle time for those with sinister intentions to make their move.
  • Advanced level of security: Because officers driving roving patrol cars have to be on the lookout for trouble in several different locations throughout the night, in addition to the responsibilities that are tied to driving a company vehicle, they will also require specialized training. As a result, these officers will be much more skilled in the level of security they can provide for your property and will be able to hear, see and smell something out of the ordinary quickly. They will also have the added advantage of the mobility that the patrol car provides them, so if anything does happen in any area on your property, they will be able to get to the scene within a few short minutes to take action.

Whether your property is spread out over a large area and needs a mobile solution that offers complete coverage, or is smaller but prone to different kinds of suspicious activities overnight, our team at Mohave Security LHC is the one to call for all of your roving patrol car needs. Offering the highest level of on-site security for your business, our skilled officers have been thoroughly trained to utilize this mobility to provide your site with all of the protection needed to remain safe and secure. Keep your property protected with nightly car patrol in Mohave County, AZ by calling us today!

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